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Resident Evil (directors Cut)


One-Hit Gator Kill:

When you fight the gator boss, he starts coming towards you and you see a yellow light on the left wall. If you inspect the light a cylinder will fall and the gator will eat it. While the cylinder is in its mouth, shoot it and the gator will explode!

Play as Hunk:

To play as Hunk, beat the A and B games of either character (Leon or Claire) with an A rating on both. Hunk is one of the SWAT members from Umbrella who's mission is to get to the roof-top from the sewers.

Film "D":

To get film "D", go to the STARS room, second floor of the Police building, and check the desk on the left 50 times. It is a picture of Rebecca

Infinite Submachine Gun:

Complete either scenario while using zero Health Sprays.

Infinite Rocket Launcher:

Complete either scenario in less than two hours and 30 minutes.

Infinitie Gatling Gun:

Complete either scenario without saving.

Reserve Power Control:

To activate reserve power, enter the sequence UP, DOWN, UP, UP, DOWN or UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP.

Safe Combination:

The combination for the safe is 2236.

Play as Tofu:

To play as Tofu, you beat 6 scenarios with an A ranking. Tofu's mission is the same as Hunk's -- get to the rooftop from the sewers. However, it's much harder this time as Tofu is only armed with a knife and cannot use guns!


If you go to the police station without taking anything on the way on normal (hard) difficult you'll get an surprise when you go down the stairs outside the station. and be sure to go in the police station to grab a shotgun or some ammo, you will need it.

Cure your self with out having to look into your inventory:

It's pretty easy,all you have to do is find one of those long pots of blue herbs and pick on and you will automatically cure your self. (Hint):There's is one just as you come in through the double doors near that bridge that you use the valve handle on. The other one is in the room where you get the flame-thrower.

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Rockman X5
beetle stage,after you beat the mid boss(that falling down & shoot beam)watch above carefully.When you see the beam ball coming from the ceiling, jump up & and shoot the thing that produced the ball with the slash weapon.Go straight and you'll see a capsule & enter it. In the whale stage,you have to blow the wood to get to the capsule.Use the weapon that you gain after defeating the whale boss & shoot the thing that looks like a bom next to the wood.

iloveallofyou - At peace with everyone wouldyou? - In alliance with everyone iwanttobuildagain - Build again before next turn iwillkeepaneyeonyou - Reveal enemy/monster information whoturnedoffthelights - Hide entire map nowicanseeyou - Reveal entire map whataloseriam - Instantly lose the quest/scenario nobodycanbeatme - Instantly win the quest/scenario makemestronger - Recover health letmemove - Move again givemeanotherchance - Revived killed units1

Final Fantasy Chronicles
orway to the "Rally-Ho" pub. On the right side of the pub is a fake wall. Walk through this wall and you will reach a staircase which leads to the Secret Programmer's Room. Weapon duplication (Final Fantasy 4) Select "Item" and press X on an empty slot during a battle. Move up until the equipment in that characters left and right hands appears. Press X on the weapon to be duplicated. Press Circle and complete the battle or retreat. After the battle, equip that character with their weapon in the same hand it was in. The weapon should have a "2" next to it. Un-equip, then re-equip the weapon. You should now have one copy of the weapon equipped and another one in inventory. A similar trick can also be used with Cid, Bersk Cid, or any character that can use a bow and arrows. Equip the bow and arrows. Make sure the wizard that is casting Bersk takes his or her turn immediately before the player with the bow and arrows. Time it so that the Bersk spell can be selected; and while waiting for the wizard to cast the spell, have the character with the bow and arrows select the "Item" sub-menu, and Un-equip the Arrows. Do not exit the items list. While in the items list, the wizard should be casting the Bersk spell. The character and the Arrows will get Bersked. The items list will disappear and the battle will continue. Fight or run away to end the battle. Then, enter the equip menu to find a number in the character's hand where the arrows were previously held. Un-equip the bow. Equip the weapon or shield to be multiplied in the hand containing the number. Keep equipping and un-equipping until a black box appears next to the weapon in the items list. That character now has 255 of that item to throw, equip, or sell. Equip Cecil with a bow and some arrows. Place the arrows in his good hand. Start a battle, and un-equip the arrows by selecting the arrows in his hand, then place them in a blank spot on the items list. Select the Avenger Sword, and equip it in the hand where the bow is located. Use Cecil to kill all the enemies. When the battle ends, enter the equip menu to find the Avenger Sword in Cecil's bad hand, and a number in Cecil's good hand. There will be nothing next to the number, as an invisible weapon is equipped. Un-equip the Avenger Sword, and equip the weapon or shield to be multiplied in Cecil's good hand (that currently has the number). After it is equipped it, a black spot next to a number will appear. Un-equip that object to create 255 of the weapon or shield that was placed in Cecil's hand. Skip Sealed Cave event (Final Fantasy 4): When you go to the Underworld and go to the Dwarf Kingdom, after you have to fight the dolls in the secret crystal chamber, Rydia returns and helps you fight. After you are done and back in the main chamber, use her warp spell to get back to the crystal room. The crystal will still be there. Approach and examine the crystal to take it. Later when you have to go to the Sealed Cave, if you have the Crystal, you will not have to enter it. You can skip that event and the game will automatically go to the sequence that normally happens as you are coming out. Defeating Asura (Final Fantasy 4): Cast Wall on Asura, and she will not be able to use her cure spells on herself, and they will be cast on your characters. Make sure your party is at least level 35 or higher. Attack her with Rydia's best spells and use your best sword with Cecil. Use the Fire Saber because it damages her the most. Note: The Fire Saber is obtained from the Tower of Bable immediately after getting the Earth Crystal. The spell you want to use with Rydia is Virus. It does at least 700 if your characters are up to level. Also, if you have Kain, make him jump because he usually has the most HP -- he does not have to be cured from the reflected cure spells from Ausara. Note: The less people in your group when they get cured, the more HP that they will get back. In other words, Kain needs to be in the air at all times. Defeating Golbez (Final Fantasy 4): When fighting Golbez in the underworld after defeating Calbrena, make sure Kain is up in the air before Golbez summons his dragon. If you do not, he will kill all of your characters before Rydia appears. You should have Cecil, Rydia, and if your lucky and your timing is correct, Kain. Note: Kain will really help in this battle; make him jump, have Cecil use his sword, and Rydia use Virus. Defeating Milon Z. (Final Fantasy 4): To kill Milon Z. easily, cast some Cure 4 spells on him, or give him some Elixirs. Defeating the 4 Fiends (Final Fantasy 4): To defeat the 4 Fiends easily, use their weaknesses. For Milion, keep using Fire spells and attack. When he dies, he will return as Milion Z. Use Fire, Cure, and attacks to defeat him easily. For Cagnazzo, use about two Bolt 3s and he should die, depending on your level. For Valvalis, have Kain jump and make her come out of her tornado form. Keep attacking her from there. For Rubicant, use Ice 3 only when his cape is open or else it will cure him. Have Edge throw swords, have Kain jump, and the rest attack. Note this strategy also works when you have to fight the 4 Fiends again when in the Giant, only Rubicant never closes his cape. Fighting Pink Puffs (Final Fantasy 4): Pink Puffs are in the bottom fight room in B4, on the moon. There is only one square where you fight Pink Puffs. It is located in the very top right square. Do this to increase you chance of fighting a group of Pink Puffs.

Tetris Plus
ssor: Beat a level in puzzle mode. Then, hold R2 after the professor falls to make him walk faster.