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Field And Stream Trophy Buck


Handgun in a hunting trip

Start a tournament. Enter your data to play, but select the handgun as your weapon -- enter anything else for the other data. Begin the tournament and allow the game to load where you are actually hunting . Then, exit the tournament and return to the main menu. Then, select a hunting trip. The gun should be a selectable weapon. This also works for the shooting range.

Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2
STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl Patch [WorldWide]
Sism3 - Thermal Sweater TOP
Need for Speed Carbon - Own the City for GBA
Mario Game: Super Mario World 2006 (public demo 1)


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you have to press ALT + F12. 1). onekill on/off : You can shoot the enemies down with one shot. 2). money “certain amount". You can make certain amount of money from 1 to999 after you type “money" and the amount you want to have. (example : money 300) 3). timer on/off : If the mission has a time limit you can turn the timer off so that you can complete the missions without time limit. 4). invulnerable on/off: After typing “invulnerable on" you can upgrade the modes to God mode so that the character does not die. 5). int 1~999: Change the character’s intelligence quotient after you type “int" and “any number" from1 to 999 that you want the character to have. (example: int 144) 6). dex 1~999: Change the speed of the move of the character after you type “dex" and any number from 1 to 999 that you want the character to have. (example: dex 999) 7). hit 1~999: Change the character’s physical strength after you type “hit" and any number from 1 to 999 you want the character to have. (example: hit 555) 8). str 1~999: Change the character’s muscular strength after you type “str" and any number from 1 to 999 you want the character to have . (example : str 888)

Gutterball 2
kunkstudios CPU Stone Temple - Earn $20000

Lords of Magic: Special Edition
ring the game press CTRL and to bring up the cheat dialog, then type Marathon. 200 Crystals, Gold and Ale ------------------------------------------ Press Ctrl and to bring up the cheat dialog, then type Jackpot. All Spells and 1000 Mana ---------------------------------------- Press Ctrl and to bring up the cheat dialog, then type Hocuspocus. Free Dragon -------------------- Press Ctrl and to bring up the cheat dialog, then type Puff. HEX Cheat ------------------- The player must start creating a game with a custom champion, save the champion before starting the game and then "Alt" "Tab" back to Windows. Open a hex editor and browse for the saved champions file which will be in the "custldr" directory under the lomse install directory. Find the byte 00000320 and type the hex 6A01 8000. This will give that custom champion over 800,000 points to spend building the starting party so that all of your starting parties' units can be gods. After the edit save the file Alt Tab back to the game and load the custom leader to see the change.

Liero: Assassin Edition
hat you also will not be able to pass. Catherine Wheel Try to stay above it. The small particles that the Wheel launches are still pulled by gravity. Liero: Assassin Edition Cheats. Platform: PC / Windows. Type: Cheat Codes / Hints / Tips. Cheat ID: 18798. Liero: Assassin Edition Cheats added on Oct 1, 2002. Fly through walls If you are stuck in a thin stone-walled "prison", such as in the Sokkelo level, walk to the wall, switch to the Vox. and shoot in the opposite direction from the wall. The recoil from the Vox will fire you through the wall. Instant name To get a pre-written name, such as Gaurgul, Lozzi, Onyx, etc., clear the "Name" field in the player 1 or player 2 options. A name will be filled in. If you want to add another pre-saved name, use a text editor to modify the "names.dat" in the game folder and type in the name in the list. Note: Make a backup of the file before proceeding. Periscope effect with G Raider If your enemy is around the corner, fire a G Raider so that it will hit the ceiling and bounce back into the enemy. Even if you miss slightly, the bombs that the G Raider launches will get him. WeaponHack: Leave object trail Unknowns The following informaiton is for WeaponHack, an add-on to LieroKit, which is an add-onto Liero. : At the end of the list you will see "12 -Unknown," "13 - Unknown," and "14 - Unknown." The first unknown is explosions (Hellraider-style); the second unknown is smoke (missile-style) and the third is nothing (cluster bomb style). WeaponHack: Most objects possible following projectile To get a steady, constant stream of explosions, pixels, or smoke, pick your object trail, then go to page 3 and switch the "Type Of Shot" to "4 - Laser type". This will create an incredible stream on your object trail.

F-16 Multirole Fighter
Auto level fly upside down paperairplane - Paper airplane Note: These cheats aslo work in Mig-29 Fulcrum