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Final Fantasy Adventure


Break Down Walls Without A Mattock, Cave Of Medusa, Finding The Dime Tower, How To Defeat Golem, How to get "Un-Moogled", Lots of Money & Level Up Fast,

Break Down Walls Without A Mattock:

If you have the weapon "star" you can break down walls in dungeons with out wasting a mattock.

Cave of Medusa:

The Cave of Medusa (this is when you have to find the special oasis) is located at the oasis where there are 2 palm trees with 1 space between them. When you find this oasis, walk a figure-8 pattern around the trees, and be sure you're NOT riding your Chocobo. Try going both directions.

Finding the Dime Tower:

To find the Dime Tower, go to the land with the crystal plants. You need the Blood Sword and the Magic of Nuke. Go to the screen at the water's edge where there are only two crystal plants East to West apart from each other. WARNING: you may lose hit points at this part. Use the Magic of Nuke and shoot the crystal plant that is to the right of the screen. A hole will open where the crystal was. Inside is the key to opening the Dime Tower.

How to Defeat Golem:

In the cave where you enter a certain passage and it takes you back to the beginning of the cave, go straight (from the beginning). You will come to a locked door. Through the door is Golem, who you can't hurt, and a robot. In order to defeat him continue on through the cave 'till you end up outside. From outside you will see a passage going right, when you enter you will fight a giant cyclops. After you defeat him he gives you the Star (A.K.A Moring Star). Then go back to fight Golem and use the star against him to destroy him.

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