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Zeiramzone - Versus Mode

All Characters:

At the menu screen quickly press Right, Down, Down-Right, Down, Down-Left, Left, Triangle. You should hear a "whack" sound and the Game Start" letters should turn red. Start a game or a versus match. A new menu should appear that allows you to play as any character. Note: The enemies have the same HP as in the game. Pick a bunny and you're easy pickings. Pick Zeiram and your near invulnerable.

Extra Mode:

At the menu screen hold left for several seconds, then quickly press Right, Circle, Triangle. You should hear a "whack" sound and the option letters should turn red. You can now enter options and select "Extra" mode where you and the enemies are energized and sped up!

Versus Mode:

At the main menu, rotate the joystick 360 degrees then press X, Square, Circle, Triangle. If done correctly you will hear a sound and Versus Mode will be available.

StarCraft 2 Patch [UK]
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Test Drive: Off Road
to the Driver 1 Setup. Choose the "Enter Name" Clear the name out and put in the Passwords below to unlock new codes. BEEFY - Unlocks the Monster Truck in Practice Race FIFTY - Unlocks the Hot Rod in Practice Race. SANDDUNE - Unlocks Speed Demon & Mud Runner Cup in Mixed League. "SPRINTER" gives you a dune buggy

Jarrett & Labonte Stock Car Racing
the Nitro button, once it’s activated, simultaneously press and hold X and L1. Note: These cheats do not work in Championship mode. 705 Springs: VANISHING Chrome Cars: T2 Exploding Kerbs: KERBKRAWL Extra Power: GRUNTSOME Low Gravity: EUROPA Motion Blur: ETHANOL Nitro Button: GLYCERINE

Stuart Little 2
se game play, then hold L1 and press Circle(2), Triangle.

Brahma Force: The Assault On Beltlogger-9
ht mode: Complete the game in less than 1:30:00. Hold L2 + R2 and press X on controller two. Then, during game play, press R2 on controller one to climb, and L2 to dive. Free map movement: Press Start during game play to display the options menu. Enter the "Map" option. Press Select to stop the map movement. Press L1, L2, R1, R2, and the D-pad to move around the map. Level skip: Load a saved game and repeatedly tap Start until the save game message appears. Select "No" to continue game play at the next level. In-game reset: Press L1 + L2 + R1+ R2 +Select during game play. Bonus options: Use a memory card and complete the game in less than 1:30:00. Press Start after the title screen appears again. Choose the "Special" selection on the screen to access level selection, view FMV sequences, enter sound test mode, and other options. End game bonus: After completing the game, regardless of time required, hidden areas will be visible on the map. Additionally, you will retain weapons and ammunitions. However, SAPUs will be reduced by half.