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MTV - Real World You Never Saw (New Orleans)

Bonus Underwear Scene

On the [Cast Bio] screen for Melissa, move the arrows around so that NO options are highlighted and press [Enter]. It will then show a 2 minute hidden video where Melissa find's some rather large underwear stashed in her laundry and tries them on.

Cast Bathing Naked

Go to [Bonus Features] and then select [House Tour]. Press the cursor to the [Lef and press [Enter].

Virus Alert - The Game
Valkyria Chronicles 2
Mario Game: Super Smash Bros Conflict
SD Gundam: Gashapon Wars


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will get a [Shrek Fun Fac a little piece of trivia from the movie. Every time you select this hidden feature, a randomly selected Fun Fact comes up. Shrek Karaoke Another Easter Egg is hidden on the second disc of the set. From the main menu, go to the [Play] menu entry and press the [Up] arrow key to highlight the music note in the background. This is the same Karaoke from disc 1.