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Ready, Aim, Tomatoes!


Extra accuracy points

To get more extra accuracy points, shoot at the "End of Level" sign at the end of each level.

Level Skip on Level 4

After completing level 4, rapidly press the START button on the gun (it's the very bottom button on the front hand grip.) As soon as the screen reads LEVEL 4, rapidly press START to skip ahead 2-4 levels. If your timing is good enough you can skip all the way to the final level.

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+ A + C. Bret Hart Press Down/Left + Start. Yokozuna Press Up + A + C. Luna Vachon Press Up/Right + C. Undertaker Press Right + Start + A. Razor Ramon Press Left + A + C. Lex Luger Press Down/Right + Start. Doink Press Left + Start + A + C. Shawn Michaels Press Down/Left + A + C. Diesel Press Down + Start + A + C. Full Attributes Enter the CHANGE STATS code for the wrestler you want. When you are asked to change the attributes, hold Start until you hear a strange noise. You can now set all the attributes to 10. Interference During any one-on-one match press A+B+C at the same time on controller two and someone will come out and help your opponent. Killer Punchs To get killer punchs hold start and press up 4 times at the copyright screen then you will have killer punchs to use on your opponent. More Edit a Wrestler Wrestler - Code 123 Kid - Up+Right+Start+C Bam-Bam - Up+Start+A+C Owen Hart - Up+A+C Turn a regular match into a brawl Platform: Genesis To turn a regular one-on-one match into a brawl knockout the ref repeatedly until he will throw his arms in the air and leave the ring, which turn the match into a brawl. Note: This does not work on tournament mode. Use the same wrestler To use the same wrestler as your opponent or partner press Up+Start+A+C to use the same wrestler. With 123 kid While opponent is on ground get on top ropes hold x and press up,up,up,up,then let go of x and press b. I call the pogo stick plunge. Yokozuna's Cannon Ball When the opponent is down near the ropes climb the top ropes and hold X and press down, down, down, release X and press B.

Revolution X
shoot into every one. In the stalls are N.O.N Troopers. Kepp shooting and you might see Brad Whiteford shoot him and get wings. Wing 2: In the bar wait till the third pass. Shoot the two swordfish then the gray screen. Shoot the switch, go up, and shoot Steven Tyler for Wing 2. Wing 3: Select Middle East after finding the car. If you fight long enough you'll see the drummer and two trucks from the cover of "PUMP". Shoot the drummer to get Wing 3. Wing 4: Go to the Amazon level and go on all of the lifts. Find the room with 4 or 5 chicks and hit the gutter on top. You'll see a guy jumping and shot him.

Barkley: Shut up and Jam 2
ainst your own team. Play as teammate: Pause game play in exhibition mode. Highlight the "Quit" option and enter one of the following controller sequences to play as the corresponding teammate. Blade Press A(3). Dolmite Press A(4). Hamma Press A(5). Jim-Pak Press A(6). Pauly Press A(7). Shuga Press A(8). Spider Press A(9). Bongo Press A(10). Shatter the backboard: Execute three "hanging jams" without allowing the opposing team to score. Then, press A, C + Toward to execute a "Super Jam". Super dunk: Wait until the "juice bar" is full. Then, press A, C + Toward to execute a "Super Jam" from the opposite end of the court. Play as Charles Barkley (tournament mode): Achieve an 8-0 record to win the tournament and score a triple-double in the final game. Select "Yes" at the continue screen that will appear to play again as Charles Barkley.

option will make your ship invincible. Level Select At the title screen, press A, B, C, A, B, C, B, C, B, A. You will hear a short explosion. Press Start. A Level Select entry will appear on the Options menu. Level Skip Enable Level Select. From now on, if you press A + B + C simultaneously you will advance to the next level!

Thunder Force III
d "The Claw" to your arsenal, press A. Unpause the game and fire at will. Options At the title screen, hold A + B + C, then press Start. This brings up a screen allowing the selection of ship speed, difficulty, more. Two-player Mode If you have two controllers, two players can control the same ship. This is convenient if you want to take turns flying and allows one player to man the guns while the other navigates.