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Multi-ball mode:

Pause game play, then hold Option 2 and press Up. An extra ball will appear when game play is resumed. Up to three balls may be entered into play at once.

Evil mode:

Press Option 1 + Option 2 at the options screen, then begin game play.

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Slime World
hat appears after the summary screens. Press Option 1 to display a zit and pop it by quickly hitting the other buttons. This game may be played in multiplayer mode.

your helmet hasn't timed out by then, he should be dead and you will have finished the level. Freak Out Mode Press and hold down OPT1 and UP before the title screen appears get into "freak out" mode. Or at the "Continue?" screen, after the first "beep" of the countdown, and while the timer still shows a 9, press UP and OPTION 1 at the same time, and hold them. You'll see the GAME OVER screen, but keep holding them. The TOKI demo will appear... keep holding UP and on OPTION 1. After the names of the designers fall down, the demo should go psychedelic!! The demo will cycle through colours, a catchy tune will begin, and the pad will allow you to sample digitized TOKI sounds... furthermore, pressing DOWN and LEFT repeatedly will cause the samples to descend in pitch. Conversely, pressing UP and RIGHT repeatedly will cause the samples to ascend in pitch. Note: Once the new demo begins, release UP & OPTION 1. Then use pad to sample sounds. Pressing A or B starts the game normally. The Digitized Designers As the screen fades to black to go to the "continue" screen, hold down Option 1 and push UP on the joypad simultaneously. Hold these all the way through the "continue" countdown. After the "continue" timer expires, you'll see a white dot in the center of the screen. At this point, press buttons A and B as quickly as possible to make the dot grow into a picture of the programmers. Continue to make it grow until the picture turns brown and the "Game Over" screen appears.

Road Blasters
vel number will be displayed in the top right corner of the screen. Press Option 1 or Option 2 to change the level number, and press A to resume game play. Note: The level number selected should be one less that the level you wish to jump to. Complete the current level to start at the new level.

ight "Albuquerque" and press Pause(2). Then, press Option 2 + B to display the "Final Top Score" screen. Press A to display the "Grand Champion" screen. Press A again, to reveal a digitized picture of Peter Wierzbicki, the head programmer, behind the score boxes. Press Pause to freeze the picture as it appears.