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Master Dome Stadium Password:

Circle L1 L1 R1 R2 L2 X Square Square R1 R2 R1 R2 Triangle L2 R1 L2 Circle L2 R2 R1 X L1 R2 Square L2 R1 X R1 R1

High street 5
Civilization IV
Battle Tanks
Mario Game: Mario Falling Madness
Starcraft 2 Replay 0095 - RenieHouR[P] vs Ensnare[T]


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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
e game once and then enter the following as your name: AXEARMOR - You should then begin the game with the Axe Lord armor. Max Money With Librarian and Sword Familiar "Required Items/skills -Sword Familiar -Gem of any type (Diamond is best choice) -Enough mana to cast sword brothers spell (50 MP) Sword Brothers spell: Enable The Sword Card Familiar Press the Directional Pad D, DF, F, UF, U(hold UP 2 seconds) D + Attack Make your way to the Librarians room. Stand near him, but not so you enter his menu's. Cast the sword brothers spell. As the sword starts to spin, Walk towards the librarian and enter his menu's. Sell off all but 1 of any single gem. Press start to enter into alucards menu while still in the librarian menu's. (Casting of the sword brothers spell allowed you to enter your menu's while in the librarian's menu's) Have Alucard equip the last gem of the chosen type. Return to the librarian's menu's and sell the last gem to the librarian. Since the gem was removed and you sold something you didnt have for sale, The game drops the count of that gem to 255. Sell off extra gems to max out your money. I suggest using the diamond to get your money the fastest." All Endings Bad Ending Defeat Richter, while wearing the glasses Maria gave you. Best Ending: In the battle with Richter, wear the glasses Maria gave you and defeat the green specter. After completing both castles with a percentage of at least 200, defeat the final boss Good Ending: In the battle with Richter, wear the glasses Maria gave you and defeat the green specter. After completing both castles with a percentage below 150, defeat the final boss. Worst Ending: Defeat Richter, but don't wear the glasses Maria gave you.

Soul Edge
hat pressing A+B+K will automatically kill your opponents. WRONG! you must use the EXTENSION of the CE for it to kill the opponent in an instant! try doing the extension right after the SECON TO THE LAST or the LAST hit touches the opponent! 2.STRIKE OPPONENT IN AIR TO WIN: ->who the F*** thinks the opponent will eventually jump for you to kill him! use the JUGGLE MOVE down/forward+B and hit A,A,A ASAP! about two of these should do the trick. 3.RING OUT THE OPPONENT TO WIN: -> submitted by: Mark Namco Voice Trick: At the start of the game you will hear a voice say Namco. Hold L1+L2 then press UP for Seung Mina's voice, DOWN for a quick voice or BACK for a normal voice Play as Evil Siegfried: Find Siegfried's 8th weapon in Edge Master mode. Play as Han Myong: After Soul Edge becomes selectable, beat Arcade Mode using Hwang, then Seung Mina immediately afterward. There are conflicting reports whether you must see both endings for these characters or not. Play as Sophitia in a Bathing Suit: Get every character's 8th weapon in Edge Master mode. Play as Sophitia without Armor: Find Sophitia's 8th weapon in Edge Master mode. Play as Soul Edge: To play as Soul Edge, beat Arcade Mode with each character, OR leave the game running for 20 hours. If you pause mid-game, this 'timer' will still continue to run. Change Replay View: As you are watching your replay, press: Triangle: Zoom out Square: Zoom in Up: Top View Down: Horizontal View Right: Spin Right Left: Spin Left Obtain each character's "Ultimate Weapon": 1. Finish the "Edge Master Mode". 2. Let the credite run. 3. The game will return to your character standing on Spain. 4. Travel to the countries adjacent to Spain and defeat the opponents there again. 5. The Ultimate Weapon will be randomly hidden in one of those countries. You will be given your weapon when you win in the stage where it was placed. If you lose, the weapon will move to an random adjacent location. Alternate endings: There are two different endings (the sequence when you finish Arcade Mode) for each character. One of these plays automatically. Here's how to see the other one: Finish Arcade mode as anybody then wait for the ending to play. When it goes widescreen, rotate the D-pad (any direction) and randomly press the attack buttons. If it works, a different sequence will play.

Speed Punks
Quick start Hold Square until the green light disappears, then hold X. Full turbo bar Hold the brakes and accelerate at the same time, do two 360s, then release brakes to get a full turbo bar. Easy turbo Hold the brakes and accelerate at the same time. The kart should just stay in the same location. When the brakes are released the turbo will automatically activate.