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Barkley: Shut up and Jam 2


All-Barkley team:

Pause game play in exhibition mode. Highlight the "Quit"

option and press B(3). Resume game play to control a team

consisting of all Charles Barkleys.

Play against same team:

Pause game play in exhibition mode. Highlight the "Quit"

option and press C(3). Resume game play to play against

your own team.

Play as teammate:

Pause game play in exhibition mode. Highlight the "Quit"

option and enter one of the following controller sequences to

play as the corresponding teammate.


Press A(3).


Press A(4).


Press A(5).


Press A(6).


Press A(7).


Press A(8).


Press A(9).


Press A(10).

Shatter the backboard:

Execute three "hanging jams" without allowing the opposing team to score. Then, press A, C + Toward to execute a "Super Jam".

Super dunk:

Wait until the "juice bar" is full. Then, press A, C + Toward to execute a "Super Jam" from the opposite end of the court.

Play as Charles Barkley (tournament mode):

Achieve an 8-0 record to win the tournament and score a triple-double

in the final game. Select "Yes" at the continue screen

that will appear to play again as Charles Barkley.

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