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Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel

Navi Customizer Program ming' onMouseOver="tip('infobox1')" onMouseOut="untip()"> Program s Codes

To enter these codes, have the desired Navi Customizer Program highlighted in the Navi Customizer screen. Hold the Right (->) button on the D-Pad, then enter the 10 button code (Composed of different combinations of the buttons A, B, L and R) for that NCP to compress it.Once compressed, the Navi Customizer Program 's size will be reduced by one block, or square. Only non-textured Program s can be compressed (AutoRun cannot be compressed either), and inputting the code again will decompress it.

Compresses AirShoes - BLBABLBBAA

Compresses AttackMAX - LLLRRBARBL

Compresses BatteryMode - AABRABRLLR

Compresses BeatSupport - ABBRAABRBR

Compresses BodyPack - BARABRLRRA

Compresses BugStopper - BABLABRLRB

Compresses BusterPack - LLRARLBLAR

Compresses ChargeMAX - ALAARBRBAR

Compresses Collect - BRALARBAAB

Compresses Custom 1 - AARLBABALB

Compresses Custom 2 - BARLLRALBR

Compresses Dandyism - RRBBRBRBAA

Compresses FirstBarrier - RLABBARALR

Compresses FloatShoes - ALLBRLAAAL

Compresses GigaFolder1 - RRLBLLARBL

Compresses GigaVirus - BBRALBLARR

Compresses HumourSense - ABLARABLRL

Compresses KawarimiMagic - RBBARBRARB

Compresses MegaFolder 1 - BBABBRRLAR

Compresses MegaVirus - AABLARBLAA

Compresses Millionare - RLRARRLLLR

Compresses RapidMAX - RARLLRRABA

Compresses RushSupport - RBLRBRLLRL

Compresses SaitoBatch - ALRABLRALR

Compresses SelfRecovery - RLRLRBBRAB

Compresses Shield - ABARALRBBA

Compresses ShinobiDash - RLLALLBABB

Compresses SuperArmor - RABRALLRBA

Compresses TangoSupport - LBLABLABAL

Compresses I'm Fish - BABALRARAA

Compresses Jungle Land - LRLABLBBLA

Compresses Oil Body - LBRARLABLB

Compresses Reflect - LLRBLLAALB

Compresses UnderShirt - ARBBRLRALA

Numberman codes

Go to the numberman machine in Higsby's shop when it is placed there and enter the passwords to get your prize.

Anti Fire * - 73877466

Anti Navi V - 05068930

Anti Sword R - 10386794

Anti Water * - 25465278

Anti Wood * - 10133670

BeatSupport NCP - 79877132

BodyPack NCP - 30112002

Dark Invis * - 68799876

DjangoSP D - 91098051

Full Energy - 90914896

Full Energy - 12118790

HP+400 NCP - 45654128

HP+50 NCP - 31084443

Lock Enemy - 29789661

Mini Energy - 12117890

Noise Storm S - 48958798

Recovery-300 Y - 18746897

SoulTime +1 (Yellow NCP) - 28256341

Spin Blue - 12541883

Spin Green - 78987728

Spin Red - 30356451

Static S - 48958798

TangoSupport NCP - 54288793

Unlocker - 28706568

Untrap - 00798216

BusterPack NCP - 80246758

Unlocker - 64664560

RushSupport NCP - 09609807

Rush Support - 09609807

Custom 2 - 15595587

Gun Del Sol 3 O - 35321321

Unlocker - 73978713

Attack MAX (Yellow NCP) - 63231870

HP +200 (Pink NCP) - 90630807

Custom Bolt 3 G - 07765623

Anti Elec * - 35607360

Shinobi Dash 64892292

HP+400 (Pink NCP) - 03419893

HP+300 (White NCP) - 13926561

Rapid MAX (Pink NCP) - 36695497

HP+500 (White NCP) - 72846472

Charge MAX (White NCP) - 87412146

Chip codes

Entering a button command will an enhancement to certain chips when used.

All bombs are dropped on one enemy - Gyroman/SP/DS (Hold L+R)

4th slash is added to combo - Z-Saber (Press Left+ B)

VarSwrd codes

To use these, you must hold down the 'A' button and quickly put in the sequence. These only work with VarSwrd.

Wideswrd slash - Up, Right, Down

Longswrd slash - Down, Right-Down, Right

LifeSwrd slash - Down, Left, Up, Right, Down

SonicBoom - Left, B, Right, B

Fghtswrd slash - Left, Left-Down, Down, Right-Down, Right


If you hold down 'A' and put in a button sequence fast, you will get a wider range for NeoVarSwrd.

SuperSonicBoom slash - Left, Right, Left, B

Double LifeSwrd slash - Up, B, Down, B, Up, B

CrossSwrd slash - Down, Right, Up

Chip Attack Bonuses

After you activate the chip, push the combinations to activate their other abilities.

The slash will reverse direction

Colonel/SP/DS (Press Left + B)

After his attack, enemies will be paralyzed

ShadeMan/SP/DS (Press Down, Down-Right, Right + A)

After his attack, enemies will be confused

ShadeMan/SP/DS (Press Down, Down-Left, Left + A)

Save Icons

Save Icons that go on top of the Title Screen for what you have accomplished in your saved game.

Dark Complete - Collect All 12 Dark Chips

Forte's Icon - Beat Forte SP/Forte XX after Beating Lord of Chaos ForteV3 in Nebula Hole Area 6 (Forte SP/XX Comes up as a Random Encounter)

Giga Complete - Collect All 6 Giga Chips

Mega Complete - Collect All 60 Mega Chips

P.A. Complete - Use All 30 Program Advances

Colonel's Icon - Beat Nebula Gray.

Standard Complete - Collect All 180 Standard Chips

The Fifth Gate
Farm Mania
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
Sims3 - Kakashi Sharingan
Sims3 - Cardigan


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