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In the main screen

(the city map), type: ix1 All locations visible

ix2 10 skill points for every marine

ix3 500 equipment points for your squad

ix4 Next mission

Super Jigsaw Americana
Everybody's Tennis
Jewel Quest II
Sims3 - Hugo Boss Crest Loafers
Bob the Hamster


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Bowling U.S.A.
u. Remove all pins, then resume the game. Intentionally throw gutter balls in each frame to have the game score them as strikes.

Links 386
lick on "Select Another Position" again and position the ball as close as possible to the hole. Repeat this procedure until the ball is inches from the hole. Click on "Hit" to complete the hole.

Flight Simulator 98
press F4 to go up or downand F3 to stop. Also when you are in "slew" mode you can the can go forward, back, right left using the arrow keys on the keyboard or the joystick. When you are done press "y" again.