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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 6 Expert 2

Card password s:

Enter the password to get the corresponding card. To enter the codes, press L to access to the sub-menu, then choose the second icon (Duel Assistance), press Down, choose 8 pass to enter the password s.

Card - Password

Axe Raider 48305365

Blue-Eyes White Dragon 89631139

Compassionate Nun 84080938

Cosmo Queen 38999506

Cyborg Wyvern 48766543

Dragon Capture Jar 50045299

Earthbound Spirit 67105242

Garneshia Elephantess 49888191

Gate Guardin 25833572

Giant Red Sea Snake 85531685

Giant Soldier of Stone 13039848

Goblin Strike Team 78658564

Great Moth 14141448

Harp Spirit 80770678

Harpy Feather Duster 18144506

Kaisar Dragon 94566432

Magnet Valkyrion 75347539

Masked Beast Death Guradiuss 48948935

Masked Beast Hellraiser 49064413

Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth 48579379

Red-eyes Black Dragon 74677422

Red-eyes Black Metal Dragon 64335804

Serpent Night Dragon 66516792

Summoned Skull 70781052

Time Wizard 71625222

Toon Blue-Eyes White Dragon 53183600

Ushi Oni 48649353

Wall of Illusions 13945283

Water Mage 85639257

8 pass:

You need at least 500 duel points in order to get access to the 8 pass. Note: Once you access the 8 pass, you will automatic lose 500 duel points, even if you do not enter a code or used a wrong code. You only get 50 duel points for each duel played and 300 for every tournament played.

Trap card:

Enter 62279055 as a password to activate a trap card. When your opponent attacks you, this card can inflict the damage back to your opponent's life points.

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Urbz: Sims in the City, The
he repair man will be gone BUT go to your spoiled machine and fix it.I garuntee that you would not get shock but also continue on the fixing point where the repair man stops. submitted by: kuah kai feng Recipes This is a list of all the recipes on the game. Cake-Recipe Lemon Tart-Vanilla,Lemon,Sugar Lemon Meringue Pie-Lemon,Sugar,sugar Chocolate Decadence-Chocolate,Chocolate,Flour Glazed Fruit Salad-Lemon,Apple,Strawberry Carameled Apples-Sugar,Vanilla,Apple Strudel-Apple,Nut,Sugar Strawberry Shortcake-Strawberry,Flour,Sugar Cupcakes-Vanilla,Sugar,Flour Strawberry Tiramisu-Strawberry,vanilla,Flour Vanilla Swirl Tart-Chocolate,Vanilla,Sugar Lowcarb Chocolate Cake-Chocolate,Chocolate,Sugar Red Velvet Cake-Strawberry,Chocolate,Vanilla Apple Pie-Flour,Sugar,Apple Cocoa Apple Cake-Chocolate,Nuts,Apple Unfortunatley sometimes the recipes don't work so you have to keep trying! Get Strawberries from the Bayou, lemons on Paradise Island and everything else rom a stall in Sim Quarter.YOU NEED A MIXER AND OVEN TO BE ABLE TO MAKE THESE! submitted by: nib Rep Groups I these are most of the people in the game's rep groups: Person-Rep Group Lily Gates-Richies Misty Waters-Richies Darius-Streetie (Boss) Pritchard Locksley-Artsie Dusty Hogg-None Kris Thistle-Streetie Phoebe Twiddle-None Roxanne Moxie-Artsie (Boss) Ewan Watahmee-Streetie Luther.L.Bigbucks-Richie (Boss) Olde Salty-None Lottie Cash-Richie Crystal-Streetie Gramma Hattie-None Sue Pirnova-Nerdie Giuseppi Mezzoalto-None Theresa Bullhorn-Artsie Polly Nomial-Nerdie (Boss) Ephram Earl-None Mambo Loa-None Cannonball Coleman-Artsie Maximillion Moore-Nerdie Det.Dan.D.Mann-None Sorry if all the people aren't on this list but I can't think of anyone else apart from Daddy Bigbucks (After you complete the game you can't contact him any more) but I think he would be a Richie! submitted by: Nib Get into Club Xizzle Enter it when prompted to at the entrance of the club. Password - Effect: BUCKET - Opens Club Xizzle Heidi Shadows All cheats are purchased from the Cheat Ninja, Heidi Shadows. She only appears in certain places at certain times, and for a total of only five hours a day. All but one of the locations can be reached only once you're well into Mission 4. The only one reachable before that(beggining of mission) can be unlocked only by establishing a GBA link to another GBA.Heidi's Schedule is: 1 a.m.-2 the time machine to travel to Nov. 29, 1984. This Destination is availible after finishing Level 5 2 a.m.-3 to the Carnival 4 a.m.-5 to Paradise Island 6 a.m.-7 tunnel between Jail and Dark Tree 10 a.m.-11 Zeta Heidi is a self-contained shop for buying cheats: CHEAT SHOP INVENTORY: Rosebud=$2,222(thats how much it gives you) Silver-Tongue Berry Smoothie=1 charisma point Gourmet Berry Smoothie=1 cooking point Clock Berry Smoothie=1 mechanical point Buff Berry Smoothie=1 body point Mind Berry Smoothie=1 logic point DaVinci Berry Smoothie=1 creative point Slip Of Paper=Password for Club Xizzle and recipe for Strawberry Tiramisu The Pssword for club Xizzle is "bucket" submitted by: Nike Atkin