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Confession of a Dangerous Mind


Hidden Stuff

Behind-The-Scenes: Select Special Features from the Main Menu. Then select Gong Show Acts. Press Left and a square in the background will be faintly selected. Press Enter.

Sims3 - Vimieiro Farm
Xbox Browser
Elemental: War of Magic - 'Painted' Trailer HD
Mario Game: The Koopalympics


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Lust for a Vampire
d, while a recording of her singing the movie's theme song "Strange Love" is playing. With every photo, the series becomes more revealing.

k up with your controler and hilight the rhino on the second board select it and a hidden menu with footage and other bits will appear. DVD Production Credits On the second disk, enter the [Cast & Crew] section. Select the Ridley Scott entry. [Righ aroow to the end of his entry, where it will appear that your only choice is to return to the [Cast & Crew] section. [Righ arrow once more and you will see a brief DVD production credit screen.

Spy Kids 3D
nter], you see the ending portion of the game, and receive a 100% rating (no damage taken). Note: This works with both the 2-D and 3-D versions of the disc.