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WWF: Road To Wrestlemania

Get a weapon

Set the match to Hardcore rules and go the outside of the ring. Press L next to the ring apron to get a weapon.

Submitted by: salene

Easy Royal Rumble win

Get your opponent next to the ring ropes then run and give him a Clothesline.

Submitted by: salene

Get Superstar more title shots

Win a title with any Superstar and he will get other title shots. For example, make RVD lose the Intercontinental Title and win it back. He will then have a shot at the Undisputed Championship.

Submitted by: salene

Irish Whip opponent into ropes

When in lock-up, press A then R + Left or Right to Irish Whip your opponent into the ropes.

Submitted by: salene

Weakening your opponent

Beat up your opponent until they start to bend over (indicating that they are hurt). You can now use any maximum damage move, if you pick them up off the ground.

Submitted by: salene

Bradshaw password

Enter "Z2BMLQR4" to have all the titles and be Tag Team champion with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Submitted by: salene

Chris Jericho password

Enter "CLBK23WC" as a password.

Submitted by: salene

Eddy Guerrero passwords

Note: The last password is currently at May of the second year. In this series of passwords, Eddy has won all the titles, including the tag titles with Kane. He is also the Royal Rumble winner.














Edge passwords




Jeff Hardy passwords





Kane passwords

HC4FLSW8" (season mode, has Hardcore and European belts)

Kurt Angle passwords

BMV2V30C" (May week 1)


Raven passwords






Rikishi passwords











The Rock passwords

BRWCQ5WW" (European title)

BQVQCX0W" (Tag Team title)

BR0LG504" (Hard Core title)

GMRCV1R4" (Intercontinental title)

HQLWLJ86" (King Of The Ring title)





Stone Cold Steve Austin passwords











Defending all belts













Triple H passwords

BLVWX70H" (May week 1)

Z7BCP878" (Year 2, June)

Undertaker passwords

Enter "8GVVV274" as a password for March week 4 under the hard difficulty setting. You might get an belt shot for the heavyweight title. You will not get the tag Team belt.

Plants 3D
PES 2011 Gameplay Trailer HD
Super Mario Defence
The Winter Solstice


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Urbz: Sims in the City, The
he repair man will be gone BUT go to your spoiled machine and fix it.I garuntee that you would not get shock but also continue on the fixing point where the repair man stops. submitted by: kuah kai feng Recipes This is a list of all the recipes on the game. Cake-Recipe Lemon Tart-Vanilla,Lemon,Sugar Lemon Meringue Pie-Lemon,Sugar,sugar Chocolate Decadence-Chocolate,Chocolate,Flour Glazed Fruit Salad-Lemon,Apple,Strawberry Carameled Apples-Sugar,Vanilla,Apple Strudel-Apple,Nut,Sugar Strawberry Shortcake-Strawberry,Flour,Sugar Cupcakes-Vanilla,Sugar,Flour Strawberry Tiramisu-Strawberry,vanilla,Flour Vanilla Swirl Tart-Chocolate,Vanilla,Sugar Lowcarb Chocolate Cake-Chocolate,Chocolate,Sugar Red Velvet Cake-Strawberry,Chocolate,Vanilla Apple Pie-Flour,Sugar,Apple Cocoa Apple Cake-Chocolate,Nuts,Apple Unfortunatley sometimes the recipes don't work so you have to keep trying! Get Strawberries from the Bayou, lemons on Paradise Island and everything else rom a stall in Sim Quarter.YOU NEED A MIXER AND OVEN TO BE ABLE TO MAKE THESE! submitted by: nib Rep Groups I these are most of the people in the game's rep groups: Person-Rep Group Lily Gates-Richies Misty Waters-Richies Darius-Streetie (Boss) Pritchard Locksley-Artsie Dusty Hogg-None Kris Thistle-Streetie Phoebe Twiddle-None Roxanne Moxie-Artsie (Boss) Ewan Watahmee-Streetie Luther.L.Bigbucks-Richie (Boss) Olde Salty-None Lottie Cash-Richie Crystal-Streetie Gramma Hattie-None Sue Pirnova-Nerdie Giuseppi Mezzoalto-None Theresa Bullhorn-Artsie Polly Nomial-Nerdie (Boss) Ephram Earl-None Mambo Loa-None Cannonball Coleman-Artsie Maximillion Moore-Nerdie Det.Dan.D.Mann-None Sorry if all the people aren't on this list but I can't think of anyone else apart from Daddy Bigbucks (After you complete the game you can't contact him any more) but I think he would be a Richie! submitted by: Nib Get into Club Xizzle Enter it when prompted to at the entrance of the club. Password - Effect: BUCKET - Opens Club Xizzle Heidi Shadows All cheats are purchased from the Cheat Ninja, Heidi Shadows. She only appears in certain places at certain times, and for a total of only five hours a day. All but one of the locations can be reached only once you're well into Mission 4. The only one reachable before that(beggining of mission) can be unlocked only by establishing a GBA link to another GBA.Heidi's Schedule is: 1 a.m.-2 the time machine to travel to Nov. 29, 1984. This Destination is availible after finishing Level 5 2 a.m.-3 to the Carnival 4 a.m.-5 to Paradise Island 6 a.m.-7 tunnel between Jail and Dark Tree 10 a.m.-11 Zeta Heidi is a self-contained shop for buying cheats: CHEAT SHOP INVENTORY: Rosebud=$2,222(thats how much it gives you) Silver-Tongue Berry Smoothie=1 charisma point Gourmet Berry Smoothie=1 cooking point Clock Berry Smoothie=1 mechanical point Buff Berry Smoothie=1 body point Mind Berry Smoothie=1 logic point DaVinci Berry Smoothie=1 creative point Slip Of Paper=Password for Club Xizzle and recipe for Strawberry Tiramisu The Pssword for club Xizzle is "bucket" submitted by: Nike Atkin

Tactics Ogre: The Knight Of Lodis
aracter or a character that you are buying. Note: In the Japanese version, enter MUSIC_ON as a name. Delete saved data: Enter DEL.DATA as a name at the character screen for either the main character or a character that you are buying to delete all current files. Note: In the Japanese version, enter DEL_DATA as a name. Character and item duplication: Note: This trick requires a link cable and another Tactics Ogre game. Make a backup save of the character and items to be duplicated. Go into your backup save. Trade off your item or character with the other game then reset your game. Reload it then load your original game and trade off again to get your character or item. Repeat this as many times as needed. Lock all characters except the one to be duplicated. Equip the character to be duplicated with any weapons/armors/spells that you want to duplicate. Hire two soldiers (or use any two that you do not care if lost) and put them at the end in "XYZ" order, with the one to be duplicated last "Z". Get into a fight, using character "Y" in the battle and allow him to be killed. This does not have to be real battle, however if its training the character has to use a Snapdragon. After winning the battle, go to the menu, select "Sort" then "Execute". Confirm it, then cancel all the way out by pressing B. Go to any shop and sell all equipment that the duplicated character had equipped, including spells. To sell the items, sell 99 of it, then sell 58 plus however many you originally had and you will end up with 99 of that item. When done, you will have two characters with the same stats, name, items, and 99 of all equipment and spells that character had originally had, plus more money. Easy emblem: Go Tosolea and buy one to five level 1 Fairies. Bring them into a training match with whoever you want to get emblems and put him on team A and the Fairies on team B. Make sure the Fairies have no armor or weapons. Since they are so weak, you should be able to hit them and get emblems easily (such as War God, Berserk Knight, Certificate Lancer. Philosopher's Stone. Animal Hunter, and more). Easy training: If you need to train more but do not want to waste your time issuing commands, go into training, press R, go to "System", then "Control Setup", and switch both teams to COM mode. A+ ending Chose choice A in Cape Urodela and include Eleanor in your party when you fight the final boss. Beat the game in under 25 hours, have Alphonse get at least 50 kills, and do not let more than 10 people die as well. The A ending requirements: Select choice A when Cybil asks you a question in a cutscene at Cape Urodela. This will put you on the A path. Eleanor must be included in your party for the final battle with Shaher (and she must survive). The requirements for the extra scene at the end: You must beat the game in under 25 hours, Alphonse must get at least 50 kills, and you can not let 5 members of your own party die (using a Snapdragon to turn a character into a sword counts as a kill).

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters International 2
e. But after you beat the game, the color switches to purple. You can change it back to blue by pressing Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A at the title screen. Input the same code to change it back to purple.

Splinter Cell
n missions one through nine.

Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament
damage, using no retries, and collecting the sun fragment for each stage. However, there's a trick to getting around one of these requirements. If you're stumped or otherwise irreversibly stuck on any particular screen (i.e. a block is where it shouldn't be and can't be recovered) simply leave the screen and come back. The enemies, blocks and monster pots will be reset to their original position, but it won't count as a retry when your final score is tallied!