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Death And Return Of Superman


Cheat mode:

Play the "0B", "29", "2C", and "05" selections in order on the sound test screen.

Full energy, life, and special powers:

Enable cheat mode and press A + B + X + Y during game play. You will also be invincible during the missions when you fly in the sky, shooting the robots.

Level skip:

Enable cheat mode, then hold A + B + X + Y and press Select during game play.

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31 CMB0 32 8BLL 33 TRDR 34 FNTM 35 WRLR 36 PDDY 37 TRPD 38 TFFF 39 FRGT 40 4RN4 41 MSTR Two Blue keys: When facing the final boss, Tomator use Baleog when you get to Section 2 (Using Baleog to get past Tomator). Shoot Tomator as he is falling down to Section 3 (using Erik to get Tomator). When you get the "Blue Key", two of them will appear in your inventory. Note: Section 1 is when you use Olaf. Section 2 is when you use Baleog. Section 3 is when you use Erik. Section 4 is when you use all the Vikings.

gun turrets. Your score should be 2800 points. When the asteroid level begins, press X to change weapons until the unlimited napalm gun is selected. Survive this mission to keep the unlimited napalm for the remainder of the game. Note: It cannot be powered up. Failed ending: Go through the first level, and do not destroy the Boss. Finish the rest of the game to see the failed ending in which everyone dies.