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Alawar Snowy Space Trip



Type cheats within game:


CLEAR - Kill All Enemies

SAFETY - God Mode

THUNDER - Kill Monsters With One Touch


SURPRISE - Make Bonus Box Fall

Heroes of Newerth Client
Lost Roads Races
Sims3 - Jeans for toddlers
Falco Cross


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Railroad Tycoon
r that you will see the following phase one time: estymated income! Note: This will only work one time.

Enter the Matrix
oooooooooo, sneak out behing ANY objects and, (by the way this dosn't use any focus) do a flying kick at an enemy, you know, run forwards and kick, their on the ground, then simply shoot and thats one less file in the matrix, actually people arn't files it just sounded funny, (THIS DOES NOT WORK ON AGENTS OR WHEN YOUR FLYING THE LOGOS) ps, do you recognise my name from Habbo Hotel? TheRunt?? submitted by: TheRunt Get Powerade Go to a Powerade machine in the game and hit the action button. Now drink up! Cheatcodes Go into the hacking system, and proceed to the cheats menu. Enter these numeric codes to unlock the corresponding function: Infinite health: 4516DF45 Low gravity: BB013FFF Multiplayer fighting: D5C55D1E Silent Mode: FFF0020A Taxi driving: D5C55D1E Turbo mode: 7F4DF451 All weapons and max firepower: 0034AFFF Bonus test level: 13D2C77F Double movement speed: FF00001A Enemies do not detect you: 0034AFFF Enemies do not hear you: FFFFFFF1 Faster Logos flight speed: 7867F443 Infinite ammo: 1DDF2556 Infinite focus: 69E5D9E4 Invisibility: 1DDF2556 Other Hacking Codes These are other codes that can be entered using the hacking utility: Code - Result: DIR [location] - List Files & Folders CLS - Clear Screen HELP [command] - Show Help for Command TRACEKILL - Kill Traces READ - Read .TXT Files VIEW - View .IMG Files PLAY - Play .FMV Files DROP JXTRR10 - Weap. Drop: Drainage Canal DROP PNSRZ10 - Weap. Drop: N. Concourse DROP RKHMS10 - Weap. Drop: Airport Tunnel DROP JDZMT10 - Weap. Drop: 2nd Floor W. (Chateau) DROP ZKHBD10 - Weap. Drop: Courtyard (Chateau) DROP RHFTQ10 - Weap. Drop: Skyscraper DROP ZSZQH10 - Weap. Drop: Warehouse (Chinatown) DROP JDHQL10 - Weap. Drop: Transformer Field (Power Plant) DROP B1AXXF2 - Weap. Drop: 2nd Floor P.O. Boxes You must have a game saved in order to start "hacking" and the cheat system works alot like the old DOS system. You must type in "cheat [code]" after the A: prompt. The system will automatically put a shortcut for the "cheat" portion of the command on the left side once it has been typed the first time. Alternate defeating Agents First put in heath, focus, all weapons, and ammo cheats. Then, get the 40MM. Get in focus mode, target agent and fire. It takes about 3 shots. submitted by: Matt Morpheus speaks Type LOGIN at the hacking screen. When LOGIN appears in the list of commands, click it. Use COWBOYCURTIS or FREEMIND to hear Morpheus speak. Press the numbers listed to hear different things. Get Neo Trinity Morpheus and more... I have found a way in which you can play with Neo Trinity Morpheus and more... 1. Firstly you have to open your enter the matrix folder, then open the "actors" folder (make a backup copy called "actors_backup"). 2. Then you have to find all the Costumes for the original players...(e.g. "Ghost_Costume01.dcx" or "Niobe_Costume01.dcx"). 3. Then find the player you want instead of Niobe or Ghost (e.g. "Neo.dcx") and copy that file to how many costumes there are for each player. (e.g. 5 Ghost Costumes = 5 "Neo.dcx" copies) 4. Then rename all the ".dcx" for the desired player (Neo.dcx) to the original player costumes (ghost_costumes01dcx). 5. So..."Neo.dcx" will be renamed to "Ghost_Costume01.dcx"...and so on... 6. After that load a game or start a new one and you wil be playing with a different player. ***NOTE*** All the characters moves will remain the same...only the skin will be changed. I have tried the following players and thry have worked for me: Neo.dcx Morpheus_coat.dcx Trinity_zen.dcx AgentSmith.dcx AgentThompson.dcx AgentJackson.dcx AgentJohnson.dcx Seraph.dcx Keymaker.dcx Sparks.dcx Enjoy!!! submitted by: Neo