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Mario Golf: Advance Tour


Super top spin

At the time that you would press A(2) to hit topspin, press A then B. You will have super topspin.

Submitted by: Dick

Super back spin

At the time that you would press B(2) to hit backspin, press B then A. You will have super backspin.

Submitted by: Dick


Bowser: Transfer 81 Birdie Badges over From Toadstool Tour

Luigi: Transfer EXP from Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.

Waluigi: Get 27 Best Badges in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour then link up.

Wario: Transfer 54 Birdie Badges over From Toadstool Tour

Azalea: Beat her in match play

Gene: Beat his team in match play

Grace: Beat her team in match play

Joe: Beat him in match play

Kid: Beat him in match play

Putts: Beat his team in match play

Sherry: Beat her in match play

Tiny: Beat his team in match play


1-Up: Complete Putting Practice on Expert

1-Up: Complete Shot Practice on Expert

1-Up: Complete Approach Practice on Expert

Custom Tickets

Custom Ticket A: Search the club maker's cabinet.

Custom Ticket B: Knock out the Bloopers in the Palms Practice Area.

Custom Ticket C: Knock Out The Pokey in the Dunes Practice Area

Custom Ticket D: After beating the Mushroom Cup on singles and doubles, go to the Links Course driving range and talk to Kid

Power-Up Drinks

1up mushrooms make you level up 1 level. Drinks make your distance increase and Club cards allow you to get new clubs from the club maker.

Drink 1: As you are given control of your golfer after the conversation where you are paired with your partner in the story game head over the walkway to the right go in the lower door. Follow the path and you will be on top of the castle. Go left you should find stairs, look for a barrel and walk up to it and press A.

Drink 2: In the marion training ground look for klepto. Hit the bird to save koopa, he swims over and give you the drink.

Level Up Mushrooms

Enter the clearing between the Coo Coo Course and the Links Clubhouse. Check the big tree in the middle of the field for the Power Up Mushroom.

In Peach's Castle, when Peach asks you if you want to start the tournament, answer "No". Then, walk to the left, all the way to the far back of the castle. You will find a barrel containing a Level Up Mushroom.

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