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Bird Hunter: Upland Edition


Cheat mode

Press [F2] while hunting out in the field. A small bar will appear in the top of the screen. Enter one of the following codes, then press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Code - Effect

ubshowme - Display birds on the GPS

ubparnine - Mark all hiding birds with golf flags

ublight - Hunter moves faster

ubfoot - Hunter moves fastest

ublocate - Advance to closest hiding bird covey

ubsnowy - Snow

ubrainy - Rain

ublightning - Lightning

ubthor - Thunder

ubjack - No gun wobbling

ubgym - Hunter never tires

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Microsoft Train Simulator
ld pass 200 mph around Java and just after Essex. [send by:Jordan Gottdank] Hints: At it's simplest level Train Simulator can be used as an interactive screensaver, one of the first options is the ability to take a virtual tour on any of the lines with the AI driving the train. Tutorials are included for the novice user to assist in learning how to operate steam, diesel and electric locos. However the bread and butter of Train Simulator comes in actually driving (or operating) trains as the virtual engineer. On selecting a route you are given an option to explore in "free play" mode, though this is still subject to speed restrictions etc. In practice this is not always easy as every time you approach a set of facing points you need to choose which leg of the turnout you take. This can lead you up a dead end spur or siding. Also, in explore the route, there are no AI trains as the dispatcher is inactive. Each route comes with a number of pre-defined activities or work orders. Depending on the route, these might be passenger or freight operations and in addition to driving the train you may also be required to switch cars in or out at locations along the way, pick up or drop off helper engines etc. This is so much more than in previous simulations and adds to the sense that Train Simulator is a complete virtual railroading experience. All the routes (apart from the Kalispell branch on Marias Pass) are fully signalled according to the rules and era of the particular railway and under control of the aforementioned AI dispatcher. It's quite something to arrive on a crossing loop with a train waiting on the opposite track. As you draw in clear the signal for the other train changes to proceed and it departs! On the Settle & Carlisle the semaphore signals change with a satisfying "clank". Whether driving steam, diesel or electric traction each type presents its own challenge. Steam locos are the most demanding, particularly if you switch off the AI fireman and attend to the boiler and fire yourself. The workload this creates is very tough, leaving little time for sightseeing but ultimately more rewarding than just letting the computer take care of things. Don't forget to switch the blower on before entering tunnels or stopping though, or you will end up well done to crispy when the fire blows back! My only comment about the steam locos is that acceleration seems a little brisk at times, at least compared to what I have experienced travelling behind steam. Diesel is quite a bit easier to handle, but on Marias Pass this is countered by the fact you have to manage a 50 or 60 car consist behind the locos - possibly one mile long and 5000 tonnes in weight. It is easy (actually too easy) to break a coupler if you mis-manage the train handling. Everything you do from advancing the throttle to making a brake application has to be planned ahead and executed with regard to how it might affect the portion of the train 1000 yards back. Your performance is rated on how well you manage passenger comfort and freight durability. Both the US locos are fitted with dynamic braking but as implemented in the simulation are not very effective. It should be possible to slow and nearly stop a train on dynamics but at 40 MPH on level track, full dynamic braking barely retards the train. Simplest of all are the electrics, particularly the Acela which is the Ferrari of the Train Simulator collection. Very easy to get carried away with this baby! A number of visual aids are provided to assist in operating the train. The most useful of these is the Track Monitor which shows upcoming speed restrictions and signal aspects or if you are being switched at a turnout. You also get a projection of your "expected" speed according to the route ahead if you continue at current throttle or brake settings. In practice this tends to fluctuate especially on undulating routes and an indication of the actual gradients would have been more useful. On a number of the routes (notably Marias Pass, at East Java) you can experience quite abrupt changes in gradient with little or no transition. A few of the gradients seem steeper than they otherwise should be, almost as if the developers have stuck rigidly to the DEM data rather than referring to a gradient profile. This is also probably the best place to mention that curved track is not canted (super-elevated on the outside curve) though one assumes this is factored in to the physics. Other pop-ups tell you how far to the next station stop, allow you to manually switch points in yard limits for switching or call up the train consist. Very useful for steam locos or controlling the train in external view is a HUD view which can be called up on the right side of the screen. A couple of limitations - you can't change cabs, the forward view is always from the primary traction unit. So when reversing the train you need to do so in external view. This effectively makes it impractical to include lines where trains reverse en route, as you can't change ends (in an MU train), run the loco round the train and change cabs, or attach a fresh engine at the other end facing the correct way.

Brian Lara International Cricket 2005
c XI Challenge Unlock Classic Players and Gallery Images From the main menu choose options and then cheats, go onto the appropriate cheat and select enter code: GONEFORADUCK - Unlocks All Classic Players SLEDGING - Unlocks All Gallery Images

the silenser and throw it away.Then pick it up. Do this four times. After this take off the silenser. And write sv_aim head in the console. Now you have auto-aim to the head.:) Enjoy submitted by: Ullteppe Money and Weapons To get 16000$ which is the max, sv_cheats must be on. So type in the following in your console: sv_cheats 1 This will enable the cheats. After activating you must restart the level/map. Then type in impuse 101 in your console and you will have 16000 dollars! The other code is for the weapons. I dont want to take all the time to explain all the weapon names because if you already play Counter-Strike alot you should know the weapons/weapon code names. to get the weapons you must have the cheats activated once again sv_cheats 1. Now type the following in your console give weapon_ Adjust Gravity After activating cheat mode in the console with sv_cheats 1 you can change gravity with sv_gravity Go To Map After activating cheat mode in the console with sv_cheats 1 you can change gravity with changelevel . For example: "changelevel dust" (without the quotes of course). Speed Upgraded To upgrade the speed of your movements, go to your console and type: cl_forwardspeed 999. Repeat this with cl_sidespeed 999 and cl_backspeed 999... After doing all of these, you'll move VERY fast. See Thru Wall Type gl_zmax 100 gl_zmax 3600 will disable this cheat C4 timer to 10 sec Type the following in your console: mp_c4timer 10 Auto aim only to sniper rifles Type this in your console: sv_cheats 1 and then type sv_aim See Others' Records cl_hidefrags 0 = To see other peoples records of kills and deaths.

Command and Conquer: Counterstrike
nd a tank into the enemy base when you have a Iron Curtain and a Missle Silo. When the tank is attacked, use the Iron Curtain. Then, when a large amount of enemy forces surround the tank, launch the atom bomb. Ore truck defense: If infantry are attacking your ore truck, simply use the ore truck to crush them. Making cruisers accurate: Cruisers will miss when firing at something in the distance. Hold [Ctrl] and click to force them to fire on the ground and a little above the target. Cruisers without protection: Cruisers can fire at water-vehicles by force firing on the target. However, it will not do as much damage as if normal target was attacked. Tanks vs. spy: Although you may think your spy is safe if no dogs are present, tanks are still dangerous. They will not shoot at your spy, but will instead try to crush him. Saving units: If you are under attack by enemies that are coming by bridge, transport, APC, or Chinook, destroy them quickly to cut them off. Giant Ant missions: Hold (Left Shift) and click on the round speaker at the title screen to play the four bonus Giant Ant missions. To kill the ants easily, use Rocket Soldiers. However, use Medium or Mammoth Tanks for the Fire Ants. If your units are standing still, they will have a much better chance of killing the ants. Create ants: Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Make a map using Red Alert Map Editor, Save the map and exit the editor. Use a text editor to edit the map file in the game directory. Search for the following lines: [Basic] NewINIFormat=3 (this may be a different value in your game) Name=River of Gold (this may be a different value in your game) Copy the following entries below those lines. [General] ;Warior Ant [ANT1] Name=Nin10dolord's Warior Image=ANT1 Name=Warrior Ant Prerequisite=weap Primary=Mandible Strength=125 Armor=heavy TechLevel=1 Owner=allies,soviets Sight=3 Speed=6 Cost=700 Points=40 ROT=8 Tracked=yes Crewed=no NoMovingFire=yes GuardRange=5 ;Fireant [ANT2] Image=ANT2 Primary=FireballLauncher Name=Fire Ant Prerequisite=weap Strength=75 Armor=heavy TechLevel=1 Owner=allies,soviets Sight=3 Speed=8 Cost=700 Points=40 ROT=6 Tracked=yes Crewed=no NoMovingFire=yes [ANT3] Image=ANT3 Name=Scout Ant Prerequisite=weap Primary=DepthCharge Strength=85 Armor=light TechLevel=1 Owner=allies,soviets Sight=3 Speed=7 Cost=700 Points=40 ROT=9 Tracked=yes Crewed=no NoMovingFire=yes GuardRange=5 Low power strategy: When you have low power, your defense (Turret, Flame Tower, Pillbox, etc.) can still function. But structures such as Tesla Coils, AA Guns, and Radar Domes will go offline. Your radar will not appear until the power is back to normal. However, your other structures will still build or repair depending on how much power is available to you; the less power, the slower the construction