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Gangsters 2: Vandetta


5-star specialists

Type ">- 00 -<" as your gang leader's name .

More money

if you type in your gang leaders name more dosh you will get a extra 5,000 pound

[send by:nate]

$10,000 and powered-up gangsters:

Hold [Left Shif and type i love a. Release [Left Shif and press 1. Note: None of the gangsters can be selected or highlighted before entering the code.

All Info on Enemies

Type "bangagong" as your gang leader's name. You will get all info on the enemy gang's office.

10,000 money and 5 star gang member

hold left shift and type i love a let go of lesft shift and press 1 (must be on street view to do code)

go on street view and hold left shift then type this time around let go of left shift and on your gang member toolbar there should be a new member

(repeat code for more members)

submitted by: dude of killerz

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: Limited Edition Trailer HD
Ship Simulator
Sims3 - Modern Escarpment
Sims3 - Apple Pie (fully furnished)


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Half-Life: Redemption
ponding cheat function. God mode. - /god No clipping mode - /noclip Opponents ignore character - /notarget All weapons and ammo - impulse 101 Auto-reload enabled - +reload Auto-reload disabled - -reload Map select - /map Third person view - /thirdperson Adjust gravity - sv_gravity Obtain item - /give Security officer shooting Shoot the security officer after putting the HEV suit on and collecting weapons from the storage room. He will say things such as "What do you want your tombstone to say?" or "I dont want to do this...". Killed by auto-turrets Shoot the weapons man or the science technician. The alarm will go off and auto-turrets will deploy from the roof and take you down. Floating scientist Close the teleportation door on the lab technician. He will not open it back up. After teleporting to the mountains, look to your right. The scientist will be floating. Watch him for a moment and he will walk in place in mid-air. Note: You can kill him. Hidden door Enable cheat mode, then activate the "/map redE3M5" code to advance to episode 3, mission 5. Locate the door that does not have a handle in that level. Enter the "/noclip" code and walk through the door to find another door covered with smiley faces.

Yo! Joe
this a game alot. at the last level, save all your weapons except the ones you can't waste and save them for a boss fight. example, ninja stars, moltov cocktails. submitted by: amar

Vietcong: Fist Alpha
apon select - chtweap Refill ammunition - chtammo Get grenades - chtgrenades Enemies cannot hurt you - chtkostej Access all quick fight maps - chtallqf VC and NVA wear Indian masks - chtcannibals Toggle third person view - cht3pv Toggle frame rate display - showfps Toggle stat display - showprof Weapons: Enter chtweap Number - Weapon 1 M16 2 Ak47 3 Scorpion 4 M1 Garand Sniper Rifle 5 DP2 Machine Gun 6 PPs 41 (Drum Clip) 7 Colt .45 Pistol 8 Tarakov 9 Marakov 10 .38 Revolver 11 Remmington Shotgun 12 Winchester Rifle 13 Tokarev SVT40 14 SVD Dragunov 15 SKS Simonuv 16 SVT40 Sniper 17 M60 Heavy Machine Gun 18 Degterav Machine Gun 19 US-M3 20 (none) 21 Thompson 22 Silenced Colt .45 23 PPs 43 24 M14 25 M1 Carbine 26 Mosin Nagant 27 M79 Grenade Launcher 28 Bakiael Shotgun 29 US Knife 30 VC Knife 31 M14 Sniper 32 Sten