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World Series of Poker


Determining bluffs

When the person that you are betting against puts both hands on his chin, he either is bluffing or has nothing.

Never lose

Start a game and win a hand, then pause the game and select to "Save And Quit". Once you are back at the main menu, load your saved game . You can now bet the maximum amount of money and if you lose, pause the game and exit without saving. Then, load your saved game to start before the hand you lost with all your money.

Keeping your winnings

Save after every big hand that you win. If you lose a lot of money on a hand, just go back and load the saved game. This works in all WSOP events and invitationals.

Pro players

Knock the following players out of a WSOP event to unlock them in Edit Player mode: Beth Fischman, Carrie Lew, Chip Jett, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, Darrel Dicken, Dennis Waterman, Edward Moncada, Jim Meehan, John Phan, Max Pescatori, Men "The Master" Nguyen, and Scotty Nguyen.

Collector Chips

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Collector Chip:

All In & Win Hold'em: Go all in and win a hand before the Flop In Hold'em

All In & Win Hold'em 2: Go all in and win a hand after the Flop but before the Turn, in Hold'em

All In & Win Hold'em 3: Go all in and win a hand after the Turn but before the River, in Hold'em

All In & Win Hold'em 4: Go all in a win a hand after the River in Hold'em

All In & Win Omaha: Go all in and win a hand before the Flop in Omaha

All In & Win Omaha 2: Go all in and win a hand after the Flop but before the Turn, in Omaha

All In & Win Omaha 3: Go all in and win a hand after the Turn but before the River, in Omaha

All In & Win Omaha 4: Go all in a win a hand after the River in Omaha

Poker Hands - Flush: Win a hand with a flush

Poker Hands - Four of a Kind: Win a hand with a four of a kind

Poker Hands - Full House: Win a hand with a full house

Poker Hands - Pair: Win a hand with a pair

Poker Hands - Royal Flush: Win a hand with a royal flush

Poker Hands - Straight: Win a hand with a straight

Poker Hands - Straight Flush: Win a hand with a straight flush

Poker Hands - Three of a Kind: Win a hand with a three of a kind

Poker Hands - Two Pair: Win a hand with two pair

Single Hand Takedowns - Three Players: Knock three players out of a tournament in one hand

Single Hand Takedowns - Two Players: Knock two players out of a tournament in one hand

Total Takedowns - 100 Players: Knock 100 players out during your career

Total Takedowns - 1000 Players: Knock 1000 players out during your career

Total Takedowns - 25 Players: Knock 25 players out during your career

Total Takedowns - 250 Players: Knock 250 players out during your career

Total Takedowns - 50 Players: Knock 50 players out during your career

Total Takedowns - 500 Players: Knock 500 players out during your career

Tournament Takedowns - Fifteen Players: Knock fifteen players out of a tournament

Tournament Takedowns - Five Players: Knock five players out of a tournament

Tournament Takedowns - Ten Players: Knock ten players out of a tournament

Tournament Takedowns - Twenty Players: Knock twenty players out of a tournament


You can select to check with either the mouse or the keyboard (K). After a person raises or if you are not in the blind, the mouse selection is removed but the keyboard selection of check still can be used. This allows you into the pot without having to put any of your own money. If you lose, the opponent wins their money back. If you win, you will get the money without risking yours. This does not work on all in bets; instead it acts as if the all in never happened.

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Microsoft Golf 1999 Edition
speak), particularly for short chips. Downsize to a club that's rated slightly shorter than what's recommended for the distance, and you'll have more success. Tip 3 -------- Sand traps don't cause the trouble they do in real life. If faced with the choice of possibly playing right into one or having to go around it, take the straight-on approach and deal with the relatively easy beach. Tip 4 -------- Two-piece surlyn balls seem to get 10 to15 percent more distance and really aren't that unruly around the green. Tip 5 -------- Unless you consider patience to be a virtue, don't go for the minimum install. Of course, you may enjoy sitting around picking your teeth or an alternate body part.

Tribes 2
ood hiding places for them and I will tell you the hiding places for them on Tombstone. Behind your flag in the flag room so you can't see it. above the main doorway for your main base, and cameras in the hall for the doorway. And behind the brick supports for your main base. Standard Weapon: The blaster may not be the strongest weapon or the best to hit with, but it will never run out of ammo and while indoors, it almost always hits something (sometimes that's something is you). Classes: Scout armour: When in scout armour you can pilot all tanks and planes, therefore you should take the role of a pilot, take a blaster and spinfusor and a energy pack so if you get shot down you will be able to get back to the base for another plane or tank. Suggestion: Mine laying is also a good idea, as is sniper or stealth operative (ala the cloak pak.) Assault Armour: Is the best, you can pilot almost everything and carry almost any weapon and you have medium speed. Suggestion: Use the Blaster, Plasma rifle, Granade launcher and machine gun. Juggernaught Armour: The turret armour, only use it if you plan to defend or have a buddy to trasport you, its best to be with two or more other units. Suggestion: Always have fusion mortar as it is one of the best weapons in the game. Wildcat/Shrike Charge: This is a suicide move that isn't for the faint of heart. Equip yourself with scout armor and energy pack, plasma rilfe, chaingun, whiteout granades & mines then take a Shrike or wildcat depending on what you want and how good you are and the terrain. when you are really close to the base, make sure you have some turbo, aim beside the entrance and then charge as if satan was chasing you. Jump off before you hit the wall and the defense turrets sould go for the Wildcat/shrike. Grab the flag and when you hit the entrance again turn round and run backwards, lay the mines, and finaly throw the granades, now use the jetpack to get back to the base. Use the Mobile Base: Spawn the moblie base building and drive it to a key lockation. Example: If the flag is away from the base you place the mobile base as close to the flag as you can. If there is only a thin road or canyon that leads to the flag put the base there and make sure there is at least one unit that is at the base, with a repair pack as it is gonna take a lot of punisment. Sniper Team: As a little dose of real life, snipers always work better in teams of 2's. This holds true in Tribes 2, as the scout is the only one that can use the sniper rifle but isn't that good in close quarters, it would be good to have someone to back him up. Example: One scout armour with energy pack, mines whiteout granade, laser rifle, blaster and spinfusor. And one assault armour with ammo pack, mines standard grenades, plasmagun, chaingun, blaster and missile launcher. Get to a distant point so you can avoid cross-fire. Make sure you are well elavated, then lay all the mines you have in front of you. Now have the scout start sniping, and sometimes use the laser designator so the assault armour can use his missle launcher. If the enemy gets to close you should try to hold your ground, but after five or seven sniper kills you should change position so they dont find you.

Rebel Assarlt II
you). ALT-V and then type JOINME-Enable Dark Side Mode: ALT-S-Super Pilot (Has passed all of the levels) ALT-D-Debug mode toggle ALT-C-Capture screen shot LETGO-Enable Force mode: +-Reduces your damage - -Restores all health Alt-E-Extra life Alt-L-Unlimited lives

Command and Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour
tingCash". When you see that section, you can enter in any number, no matter how big or small, it will work. When you start the game and go to the skirmish setup menu, the starting cash section will NOT say how much you typed in. But wait once you start the game, the cash will be there. Save room in Tunnel Network: If you are the GLA and if you can make a Battle Bus, make eight and fill them all up with Rocket Soldiers (or something you like). then take the eight filled Battle Busses and put them into a Tunnel Network, that way you can put 64 soldiers in one Tunnel Network. Dr. Thrax: Perfect attack force: As GLA Dr. Thrax, upgrade to Anthrax Gamma. After that, you will need four Battle Buses. Fill two of them with Toxin Rebels and the other two with RPG Troopers. This force will be very difficult to defeat because the Toxin Rebel buses will destroy all infantry in range, while the RPG troopers will destroy every tank, aircraft, and even most buildings very easily. Also, they can attack from behind and in front at the same time. U.S.: Ultimate killing force: Get six Humvees with TOW missiles and the Repair Droid. Load them up with two Snipers and three Rocket Soldiers. Use your Particle Cannon to knock out the enemies defenses then wreak havoc on the rest of the base. All medals Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "skirmishstat.ini" file in the game folder. Replace the lines with the entries below to get all medals: BestWinStreak = 1000 ChallengeCampaign3_0 = 10 Honors = 178682 LastHouse = GLAToxinGeneral Losses = 0 LoyalGames = 0 USACampaign_0 = 50 WinStreak = 1000 Wins = 1000 mapsalpine assaultalpine assault.map_4 = 1 mapsbarrenbadlandsbarrenbadlands.map_4 = 1 mapsbear town beatdownbear town beatdown.map_4 = 3 mapsbitter winterbitter winter.map_4 = 1 mapsbombardment beachbombardment beach.map_4 = 1 mapscairo commandoscairo commandos.map_4 = 2 mapsdark mountaindark mountain.map_4 = 3 mapsdark nightdark night.map_4 = 3 mapsdesert furydesert fury.map_4 = 1 mapsdestruction stationdestruction station.map_4 = 7 mapsdust devildust devil.map_4 = 1 mapseastern evergladeseastern everglades.map_4 = 3 mapsel scorchoel scorcho.map_4 = 3 mapsfallen empirefallen empire.map_4 = 3 mapsfinal crusadefinal crusade.map_4 = 1 mapsflash effectflash effect.map_4 = 2 mapsflash fireflash fire.map_4 = 1 mapsfortress avalanchefortress avalanche.map_4 = 7 mapsfree fire zonefree fire zone.map_4 = 5 mapsgolden oasisgolden oasis.map_4 = 3 mapsgreen pasturesgreen pastures.map_4 = 5 mapsheartland shieldheartland shield.map_4 = 1 mapshomeland alliancehomeland alliance.map_4 = 3 mapskilling fieldskilling fields.map_4 = 1 mapsleipzig lowlandsleipzig lowlands.map_4 = 1 mapslights outlights out.map_4 = 3 mapslone eaglelone eagle.map_4 = 3 mapsmountain gunsmountain guns.map_4 = 4 mapsoverlandoverland.map_4 = 3 mapsrocky rampagerocky rampage.map_4 = 3 mapsrogue agentrogue agent.map_4 = 3 mapssand serpentsand serpent.map_4 = 1 mapssilent riversilent river.map_4 = 1 mapstournament citytournament city.map_4 = 5 mapstournament continenttournament continent.map_4 = 3 mapstournament deserttournament desert.map_4 = 1 mapstournament islandtournament island.map_4 = 3 mapstournament laketournament lake.map_4 = 3 mapstournament plainstournament plains.map_4 = 1 mapstournament tundratournament tundra.map_4 = 3 mapstournament urbantournament urban.map_4 = 3 mapstwilight flametwilight flame.map_4 = 7 mapsvictory valleyvictory valley.map_4 = 3 mapswasteland warlordswasteland warlords.map_4 = 1 mapswhiteoutwhiteout.map_4 = 7 mapswinding riverwinding river.map_4 = 1 mapswinter wolfwinter wolf.map_4 = 1 U.S.: Defenses: Line an area with a sequence of Patriot, then Firestorm Base, Patriot, and keep going. Then fill the Firestorm Bases with four Pathfinders. This will help you take out infantry without trouble of Flashbangs or other hazards. Chinese: Ultimate force: Create six Emperors or Overlords, depending on the General you are playing as. If you are using Overlords, upgrade two with Bunkers and fill them with Tank Hunters, upgrade two with Propaganda Towers, and two with Gattling Cannons. Easy skirmish mode wins: Play as the U.S. laser general against the Chinese infantry general. This also works well on the eight-player maps. Sit up so that every man is for himself. On the hard level, the infantry general sends waves of soldiers who are easily mowed down by the laser turrets. Be quick to obtain the particle cannon so that you can knock out the nuclear missiles. Battle awards: Accomplish the following tasks during a campaign or skirmis to earn the corresponding award. Air Wing Honor: Build over 20 aircraft against the CPU. Apocalypse Honor: Build the Particle Cannon, Nuclear Missile, and Scud Storm. Battle Tank Honor: Build over 50 tanks against the CPU. Blitz Honor: Win a match in less than five or ten minutes. Challenge Campaign Honor: Complete the Generals Challenge Campaign. Bronze, Silver, or Gold depends on difficulty. China Campaign Honor: Complete the China Campaign. Bronze, Silver, or Gold depends on difficulty. Domination Honor: Win 100, 500, 1000, or 10,000 total matches Endurance Honor: Complete all skirmish maps against the CPU. Bronze, Silver, or Gold depends on difficulty. Fair Play Honor: Do not disconnect more than 10% of your online matches. GLA Campaign Honor: Complete the GLA Campaign. Bronze, Silver, or Gold depends on difficulty. Global General Honor: Win at least one online match as each General. Streak Honor: Win 3, 10, 25, 100, 500, or 1,000 consecutive victories. Ultimate Honor: Complete all Skirmish maps against the maximum number of enemies under the hard difficulty setting. USA Campaign Honor: Complete the USA Campaign. Bronze, Silver, or Gold depends on difficulty. Ultimate Defense: Note1: special and super weapons may still hit your base. Note 2: there are other ways to defend your base, i just think this is the best one ;) USA: build 3-4 fire bases at each entrance to your base. then put three missile guys and a sniper in each. put 2 avengers behind each base, and keep a tomahawk around to deal with artillery. China: build bunkers at each entrace(build more than 2) and fill them with 2 Red Guard and 3 rocket guys. then keep a nuke cannon around to take out enemy artillery. GLA: build a solid wall of stingers around your base, and put a tunnel network somwhere so you can get in and out of you base. keep a rocket buggy or scud aroud to deal with artilery.