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X-Men: Ravages of Apocalypse


Cheat Codes

To enter these codes, bring up the console by pressing the tilde (~) key, then enter the desired code.

Code Effect

AMMO Full ammo and guns

LOGAN God mode

NOTARGET Invinsibility

NOCLIP Walk through walls

FLY Flight mode

Whist Card Game from Special K
Aqua Energizer
The Night Lightning
The Adventures of Fatman
Mario Game: Super Mario Quest


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Future Cop: L.A.P.D.
) Once you claim the territory around the courtyard, go get the courtyard from Sky Captain. He always go for the courtyard first. Blue player turns black Hold [F10] during game and press [F2], [F1], [F4], [F3] (x2), [F4], [F1], [F2]. Bonus level Successfully complete all 10 skill levels in Precinct Assault mode to unlock the “Big Hunt” bonus level. Defeating Mysterio To beat Mysterio, stay at the edge of the stairs. Then walk up them, wait for your targeting system to target (don't wait longer than a few seconds), and fire off all your weapons. Walk down the stairs again. His plasma gun should just miss you, and when you run out of missles, go in the right corner for a hidden power up. Disable cheat Hold [F10] during game and press [F6]. (Note: You must disable the current cheat before enabling a new one.) Enable previously entered cheat Enable a cheat, then hold [F10] and press [F5]. Reload weapon 0 Hold [F10] during game and press [F2], [F4], [F1], [F3], [F1], [F3], [F4], [F2]. Reload weapon 1 Hold [F10] during game and press [F4], [F3], [F1], [F2], [F4], [F3], [F1], [F2]. Reload weapon 2 Hold [F10] during game and press [F2], [F1], [F2], [F4], [F2], [F1], [F3]. Restore shield Hold [F10] during game and press [F2], [F1], [F4], [F3].