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Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Start with nine object:

At the Press Start screen, press Up, Down, Up, Down, B, A.

Invincible Buffy:

At the Press Start screen, press B, B, A, A, L, R, Down, Up.

Unlimited Lives:

At the Press Start screen, press L, L , L, R, R, R, Right, Right.

Medal of Honor: Airborne - Multiplayer Trailer
Gish 1.43
Island Rescue
KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Exclusive PSP theme


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Road Trip: Shifting Gears
a Super Race modes Successfully complete the game after wining each race mode with the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Cups. After the credits the game can be played with the Super Bronze, Super Silver and Super Gold Cup races unlocked.

Turok: Evolution
.3 5K987 V5452 3678 3.4 - Boss 5K987 V5452 LV15 Area 4 - The Fortress 4.1 5K987 V5452 3K21 4.2 5K987 V5452 9VL2 4.3 KK987 V2457 TV7L 4.4 - Boss KK987 V2457 5RTV Area 5 - The Final Frontier 5.1 KK987 V245T K69L 5.2 KK987 V245T 759T 5.3 KL987 NT465 364V 5.4 - 2 x Boss KL987 NT465 TK8N

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
obbler's Is Sword. Dark Mind Is Only Fought With Master, So I Can't Tell. Congrats! You Beat All The Bosses!!!!! submitted by: Paul Abrams Don't Let Bosses to Waste After defeating a boss, before it disappears, you can suck them up to change your power to the boss's power. That way he might not have to go to waste! Unlock things Boss Rush Mode is on the menu Metaknight's Sword will appear in front of the Magic Mirror once you've unlocked it The Power Center door is in the main 'hub' of Rainbow Route (Area 1) in the top left corner and contains all of the Powers in the game The Sound Test/Kirby Colors can be accessed through the Treasure List Unlock - Action Sound Test - Find the CD Treasure (Find Musical Scores to unlock new tunes in it) Use Metaknight's Sword - Defeat the final bosses Boss Rush Mode - Get 100% on a file Different Kirby Colors - Find cans of Spray Paint spread throughout the game Open the Power Center - Find and hit all of the Portal Switches in the different areas Color Carbon First, get the Sword ability, then go to Cabbage Cavern, go to the very top and you'll see a door. Don't go through the door, and you'll see a bomb. Press UP+B at the same time and you'll hit the bomb. Go until you see an opening with a treasure chest, and you'll get Carbon. submitted by: Spencer Davis Getting every ability Beat Candy Constellation, then go left as far as you can. Go into the door. Every Ability will be there except UFO, Crash, Cook and Master. submitted by: Spencer Davis How To Unlock The True Final Boss This Is Not Fake, So Try It Out! Ok. First Beat The Bosses 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, & 8. After That, You'll Have To Beat Dark Meta Knight Again. Defeat Him To Get Ready For The Final Boss. Pick Up The Master Sword To Start The Battle. You Have To Beat Him More Than Once. Train By Beating Bosses Again Cause This Boss Is Really Tough! Even If You Didn't Get Boss Rush That's Ok, Cause You Can Beat Them Again Without Getting Boss Rush! submitted by: Paul A. Boss Rush mode Finish the game with a 100% completion. The "Boss Rush" option will now be unlocked at the main menu. Power Center During game play, activate all of the portal switches. Then, go to the main hub of of Rainbow Route (Area 1). The Power Center door is located in the top left corner. Sound Test Find the CD treasure during game play to unlock the "Sound Test" option in the Treasure list. For more songs, find the Musical Scores during game play. Kirby Colors During game play, find the spray paint to unlock the "Kirby Colors" option in the Treasure list. Metaknight's Sword Successfully complete the game after defeating the final Bosses. Metaknight's Sword will now appear in front of the Magic Mirror. Ability room During game play, activate all the warping mirrors. Arena mode Collect 100% of the treasures during game play.

Pinball of the Dead
can now watch the ending and credits at any time!