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Nicktoons EyeToy (working title)


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Nightmare House 2: Official Trailer
JoyTunes - Recorder
Sims3 - Black/Orange Dress
Sky Fire
Mario Game: Super Mario Bros: Dual Dash


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Premier Manager 2002
Y as a mascot name. This code must be reactivated each time saved game is loaded. Increase chance of winning current match: Press Triangle + Circle + R1 during a match. Increase chance of losing current match: Press Triangle + Circle + R2 during a match. Match ends as a draw: Press Triangle + Circle + L1 during a match. Cancel all codes: Press Triangle + Circle + L2 during a match.

Ace Combat 4: Distant Thunder
ds, then go back to the blue screen that says ac distant thunder, wait and there you go. X-02 Color Schemes To get the first color scheme for the bonus aircraft, the X-02, get S Rankings on all missions on Hard difficulty, either in Story or Free Mission mode. For the second color, play through the game and get S Rankings on all missions on the Expert difficul View the FMV opening with selected plane You can do this with all planes and different colors. First go to the start mission and select the plane, after that you'll see the weapon menu. Exit the start mission and go to the title. Unlock All Aircraft Complete the game on normal and get an S rank for every mission to unlock all the aircraft, including the X-02 Multirole fighter. This fighter is perfect for just bout any mission. Secret Modes You can get secret modes by defeating the game. Finish the game in any difficulty to aquire Special Continue, Trial missions, FMV sequences, 36 musics from the game, and be able to change the color of your aircraft

World Soccer Winning Eleven 6
k Genuine Germany Win the Euro Cup using Germany. Unlock Holland Win the Euro Cup using Netherlands. World Soccer Winning Eleven 6 Cheats. Platform: Unlock World Elite Win the International League. Forever France Win the Euro Cup using France Heroic. Unlock Always Argentina Win the America Cup using Argentina. Unlock Beloved Brazil Win the America Cup using Brazil. Unlock Eternal England Win the Euro Cup using England. European All-Stars team Play as a European team and win the International Cup. World All-Stars team Win the International League.

Stunt GP
e Mode. Also, a 4x4 and a stunt car can be unlocked by going through every route on Arcade Mode. A stock-type car can be unlocked by beating all the "best lap" ghosts on Time Trial Mode. You can also unlock more by the following. Forkster Complete Championship Mode in 1st place point value, and beat 21st track in 2nd place. Formula 17 Beat the "Best Lap" ghost on Time Trial once Worms-Mobile Complete Championship mode in 1st place point value, and beat 21st track in 1st place.

Star Wars: Battlefront
e on the Planet Selection screen. Hit: SQUARE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE You can now scroll Left/right thru all the planets submitted by: calum Be luke skywalker Press x,o,x,o, when on istant action then it will come up you are now luke skywalker submitted by: mo jo jo jo Be darth vader Only when you have done both historical campaigns you can do this. basically after doing all campaigns, go onto the quick battle go to bespin platforms and be the empire. then be a pilot and get into a tie fighter , when up in air press circle sqaure circle triangle r2 r1 l1 l2 r1 triangle square and there you are darth vader submitted by: alistair mcgowen Body, Door, Blood, Life,and Leaving mode Put your name as BLOOD VEIN and doors on the battle field will be open but you must have a password to open them, When you kill people big holes of blood will be dripping from them, Third of all you can't die at all like a jedi,At last when you kill someone their corpes will stay on the ground,Last don't you hate when you don't get to leave battles well now you can you might find cities you can visit people in and buy from them like guns,dagers,swords and lightsabers just typ in:BLOOD VEIN. submitted by: Darth Vader Death star mode Put as your name "Death" and their you can fight in the death star. submitted by: Darth Vader All Planets If you are stuck on historical campaign, go to historical campaign.choose the era. (clone wars or galactic civil war) you should now be at the planet select screen. Press Square, Circle, Square, Circle to get all the planets but you do not unlock the unlockables by doing this cheat Caution: This cheat only works for the time the disk is in the ps2.if you try to save it it won't work you shouldn't do this cheat too much it will make you crap at the game! lol! Good Luck and May the Force be with you. submitted by: Obi-Wan Kenobi Art Gallery Unlockables Beat the specified mission in Historical Campaigns to unlock the art gallery. Bespin Concept Art Bespin: The Liberation of Cloud City: Galactic Civil War Endor Stills Bespin: Battle in the Clouds: Galactic Civil War Geonosis Stills Geonosis: Battle of Geonosis: Clone Wars Hoth Concept Art Hoth: Battle of Hoth: Galactic Civil War Instant Action Beat a Mission in Historical Campaign Mode Kamino Storyboards Kamino: Assault on Kamino: Clone Wars Naboo Stills Naboo: Rebellion on Theed: Clone Wars Star Wars Battlefront Art Kashyyyk: Aggressive Negotiations: Clone Wars Tatooine Concept Art Tatooine: Siege of Mos Eisley: Galactic Civil War Weapons and Units Stills Rhen Var: Mountaintop Defenses: Clone Wars Yavin Concept Art Yavin 4: The Fall of Yavin 4: Galactic Civil War Become Han Solo Complete all of the campaigns in the historical mode then go into the quick battle section and select the bespin platfroms. Be the rebals and whils in the game press and hold select then press square, circle, triange, square, square and then circle. You will Know be Han Solo submitted by: Ura Snot