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TOCA Race Driver 2: The Ultimate Racing Simulator


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Voyage Puzzle
Mario Game: Luigi's Island


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Warcraft 2: Edition
on upgrades - deck me out Spell upgrades - every little thing she does Increases gold, wood, and oil - glittering prizes Faster wood chopping - hatchet Boost unit strength - it is a good day to die Faster building, upgrades, and unit production - make it so Display map, except for fog of war - on screen Display entire map, including fog of war - showpath Win entire game - there can be only one Instant win - unite the clans More gold - show me the money Enable following level select codes - tigerlily Different music - disco Jump to specified Orc level - orc Jump to specified Human level - human Jump to specified expansion pack Orc level - xorc Jump to specified expansion pack Human level - xhuman

Prince of Persia 2
(press again to disable) F3 player on/off F6 ruler SHIFT-T add energy SHIFT-K sub energy SHIFT-R show room number and jump right SHIFT-W show room number and jump left SHIFT-I turn screen upside down, press again to restore SHIFT-B show prince only, press again to restore ALT-N skip to next level ALT-D create DUMP?.TXT

9: The Last Resort
RROOM JUNGLE After you type a code push the ENTER key to transport you to another area of the game.