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Echelon: Wind Warriors


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Mario Game: Tamayoshi V5
Battlefield 2 Tweaker
Sims3 - Eyes 02


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Evil Twin
on View] [First Person View] [Action] [Jump] - Super shot [Action] [First Person View] [Jump] [First Person View] [Shoo - Quick shot [Shoo [Action] [Shoo [First Person View] [Jump] - Bounce shot

Kings Quest
ler 5-8 Pointer to object 9 Previous scene number 12 Scene number 13 Breakpoint flag 14 Score 15 Max Score 16 Pointer to SG Directory. 30 Command Key Quit Q Temp variable T Inspect A Inspect I Object O Resources R Send stack S Display memory D Free heap F Global variable G Local variable L Break in (If object value is changed, Auto-debug) B Inspect current object C Inspect subcommand effect Key Scroll [Up], [Down], [Lef, [Righ Next item [Enter] Move to address [Comma] Inspect I Edit E Collection C View version number Press [Al + V.

Army Men
b - lose the scenario Triumph - win the scenario Omnisicient - toggle between your view and omniscient view of all troops Pyromancer - toggle right button explosion Aeroballistics - add full air support Invulnerable - makes sarge invulnerable Paralysis - Frozen enemies Telekinetic - teleport sarge anywhere in the world (get into scroll mode first and scroll where you want to go) Plethora - full up on ammo Occultation - stealth mode (sarge won't be spotted unless he shoots) Kahuna - Add explosions, omniscient view, and invulnerability Scenario Select ------------------------- At the opening menu, press A to open the first mission of each scenario. Walk on Water ------------------------ For this trick you need the INVULNERABLE cheat on. Stand on a bridge and do whatever you can to blow it up. Now you can walk on the water. Note: Once you step on land or a bridge you can't go back.