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Atlantis: The Lost Empire


DVD Production Credits

Insert the second disc of the set and select [Explore] from the [Main Menu]. Once there, highlight the menu entry for [Animation Production]. Now press the [Righ arrow key on your remote control and the words [DVD Credits] will appear.

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Invaders from Mars
w and if you press [Enter] now you will be forwarded to another screen where you can access trailers for five other Image Entertainment science fiction releases.

Scary Movie 2
enus. Another feature is hidden in the discís [Setup] menu. There, go to the [Captions and Subtitles] menu and highlight the [Spanish] menu entry. Then press the [Righ arrow key on your remote and the same red cat will appear. Press [Enter] and you will be treated to another one of the talking parrotís rants. A third one can be found in the [Sneak Peeks] section on the disc. Scroll through the titles until you see the [Scream Trilogy]. Then press the [Lef arrow key on your remote and yet another red cat will appear. This one will give you access to another rant by the parrot.