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Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

Easy Fatal Frame shot

When fighting a ghost, let it catch Mayu. The ghost will grab Mayu and you will have a chance to take a Fatal Frame shot.

Submitted by: Rene

Defeating Twins Spirit

When one of them raises her hand after the red circle fast, do not attack her or you will be attacked by her sister behind you, If she raised her hand after the red circle slowly, this is the real spirit and you will not lose film on the twin's doll, if you know which is the real one.

Submitted by: Rene

Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game under the easy or normal difficulty settings to view the first ending and unlock the "Mission Mode", "Gallery", "Ghost List" options and the "Feel" and "Expand" camera abilities. Additionally, a new game can be started with the current items, maps, and camera abilities.

1) Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting to also unlock the "Hard Mode" options, two alternate costumes (red/blue kimono and dark blue kimono), and glasses for Mio.

2) Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting to view the alternate ending and unlock the "Nightmare Mode" and "Album" options, the true ending sequence, more alternate costumes (short kimono and Yae and Sae kimono) and the stop lens.

3) Successfully complete the game under the nightmare difficulty setting to view the alternate ending, two more alternate costumes (leather), the crush lens, development documents, and the "Promise" ending sequence.

4) Successfully complete all missions in mission mode to unlock the maid costume and glasses for Mayu.

5) Successfully complete all missions in mission mode with an "S" rank to unlock two additional costumes.

6) Successfully complete the Ghost List to unlock set-up information.

Final chapter

After the battle against the Ceremony Master Kurosawa (and for the final battle against Kusabi), you may be tired and do not want to use any Healing Herbals or Holy Water in the long underground passage. You must not fight the enemies there. You can walk until an enemy appears then run back to spiral corridor. Then, go back to underground passage. The enemy should have disappeared. Continue ahead, and if an enemy appears, repeat the process. In this underground corridor, there is a place with an "S" shape. If you meet enemies after this place, go back to the "S" passage until the enemy disappears. You will finally arrive at a place where the enemy appears at your back. Do not look back. Just run to the ceremony place to fight the Kusabi. Note: There is one mirror stone in the underground passage.

Screen saver

Keep the game unpaused, and out of the menu/map screen. Allow Mio to remain idle for exactly five minutes. A ghostly image of a woman's face will fade onto a random point on the screen (looking at you) for a moment before disappearing. Then, the screen will get blurry for a moment and the woman's face will fade back in on another location on the screen. This will keep repeating until you use the controller again.

PES 2010 Patch 1.03
Stolen In 60 Seconds
Sims3 - Marc Jacobs Tweed Cropped Jacket
Crab Blaster


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MX vs. ATV Unleashed
: Press R1 + Left or Right All freestyle tracks: Enter HUCKIT as a code. All riders: Enter WANNABE as a code. All gear: Enter WARDROBE as a code. All machines: Enter LEADFOOT as a code. 50cc bikes: Enter MINIMOTO as a code. 1,000,000 points: Enter BROKEASAJOKE as a code. Landings: When riding an ATV, try landing more on the front of the vehicle. When riding a bike, land more on the rear. Doing so prevents that particular vehicle from crashing as easily. This is especially useful in freestyle modes. Submitted by: DJ Easy store points: The easiest way to build store points quickly is to go to the high point challenge in freestyle mode. Once you are driving, try to pull of as many backflip combos as you can on every jump. Once finished with the round, you will receive half the stunt score in store points, sometimes even getting 100,000 store points in only a one minute run. The dirtbikes are slightly easier to accomplish this with.

All-Star Professional Wrestling 2
eavyweight class Shinjiro Ohtani with a junior wrestler.

rcle, Down, X, Left, Circle. Invisibility At the cheat menu, press Left, Square, Right, Circle, Left, Square, Right, Circle. Alien mode At the cheat menu, press Up, Triangle, Up, Triangle, Up, Triangle, Up, Triangle. Xen gravity At the cheat menu, press Up, Triangle, Down, X, Up, Triangle, Down, X Bonus levels Press Triangle, Square, Left, Right, Circle, X, Up, Down at the cheat screen. Choose the "Extras" at the options screen to load new levels found from other discs, such as the Official US PlayStation Magazine Issue 57 (June 2002) demo disc. To get a bonus level in Decay, get one A in every section. The final level will then become available. Extra health Buy a soda from the random soda machines. If you are impatient, shoot the soda machine. Defeating Gonarch The Long Jump module can be used for more than moving between floating platforms. You can get extra height when you jump into a wall or other object. When you first get dumped in Gonarch's lair, to your right you may see white "plants" coming out of the ground. You can use these as stepping stones to get up on the raised area in the middle. This may not easy, but if you get up there Gonarch will have trouble hitting you with any attacks. It is best to use weapons like the crossbow for this part. You can also use the long jump technique to get to other places you are not supposed to, and it is useful for getting past annoying opponents quickly. Saving ammunition Do not waste precious pistol ammo on headcrabs. Use your crowbar, as it is more useful. Using the pistol Use the following trick to save ammo for all guns other than pistol. Most creatures or persons can be killed with five or less direct shots of the pistol. Crabs: 2 shots or 1 crowbar hit Zombies: 4 shots Electric Aliens: 3 shots Trip Bomb: 1 shot Machinegun on stand: 5 shots Soldiers: 5 shots Dogs: 3 shots Spitters: 4 shots Using guards If you have a guard, get him close enough and he will take care of almost anything for you. The only time you ever need to fire is if the creature is close to the guard. Barney gets cut in half When you enter the room where the lasers are shooting out the walls, run through. There should be a Barney (security officer) on the floor. Watch carefully and you can see the laser go across and literally cut him in half. Man in blue Enable the "Alien mode" code and start a new game. Go through the hall past the main security room and go straight instead of right. A short way down that hall is the man wearing the blue suit. Use your electric attack to break the window and jump in. If you try to attack the man with the blue suit, it will not work. Dead guard talks After the experiment goes awry, go get the crowbar and come back to the place where the scientist is performing CPR on the dead guard. If you smack the guard with your crowbar, he will talk. Approach a guard or scientist that tells you information about something. Use a gun that will kill them in one shot, such as the caliber pistol or the crossbow. Shoot them just as you approach them, immediately before they start talking. If done correctly, the guard or scientist will fall to the ground dead, but will still tell you what they originally intended to say. Look through dead scientist's eyes When you walk around, you will at some point encounter dead scientists, sitting with their back towards a wall. Crouch and then crawl toward the dead scientist. You will glide through him. Continue to walk until you reach the wall, then turn around. You can now see the way the developers have made the skins for eyes and mouth and everything else. You can actually look through the scientist eyes.! Partial invincibility When in decay mode and are playing both people, the second person is not invincible, even if you enable the "Invincibility" code.

Deer Hunter
all. Aim with your bow and shoot. The same thing can be done at the target range. Kill a Rabbit When you are hunting and see something scurry, hop, or run by, shoot at it. It will let out a squeal and die. Invisible to deer Press Square, Triangle, R1, L1(6), Left, Right, Up, Down at the main menu . The sound of the deer caller will confirm correct code entry. Kill a raccoon Go by water and walk around until you see a raccoon. Aim and shoot it. Note: You cannot claim it.

Resident Evil: Survivor 2
ssfully complete all the dungeon missions, including Inferno mission 7, to unlock Rodrigo with only a combat knife in dungeon mode. Secret Report: Collect all the messages in each level to unlock the Secret Report. Vs. Roach mode: Successfully complete the first mission in dungeon mode. Better partner: Successfully complete the game to raise your partner level to 4 in arcade mode. Complete the game a second time to raise your partner level to 8 in arcade mode.