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Dynowarz Destruction Spondylus


View dynosaurs:

Enter 7777 as a password, then press Start. Press Up or Down to select the various views.

Level Password

1 8547

2 5431

3 9892

4 6315

5 7452

6 1697

7 6425

CS Tools: Ultra Core Protector
Dragon Ball Z for GBA
Digger Dodge
Mario Game: Mario is back
The Settlers 7: Launch Trailer HD


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Kid Kool
en locate the next pond. Repeat this trick again to collect more extra lives. Note: Collecting more than 255 extra lives will reset the counter to zero.

Solomons Key
arpwings: In some levels you can find Warpwings which allows you to teleport six levels ahead. Create a brick in the correct location and then destroy it. The locations are: Level 7: Northern-most part Level 15: South-eastern part Level 23: South-western part Level 31: South-eastern part Level 39: More to the middle of the screen.

RBI Baseball
controller during the game to start manually controlling the home team. When you need to make a play, stop using the controller and the CPU will assume control of the team.

Ninja Gaiden 2 Dark Sword Chaos
me to be played. Finally, press Start after the title screen fades to display it again. Allow the screen to fade again and press Start. Press Up/Left + A + B +Start to display Ryu and Irene Lew and allow all music from the game to be played with a volume and song title display. Unlimited lives: Begin game play on level 4-2. Jump up and intentionally get hit by an opponent to land on the first ledge of the screen. Collect the extra life, return to the ladder, and climb up to the screen where your character was hit. Repeat this process to collect as many lives as needed.