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Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Code - Result

SUPERLASER - Unlimited Ammo

JORG SACUL - Unlock Multiplayer Levels

DOORDONOT - Campaign level select

THRISNOTRY - Unlocks next level

FAKEFETT - Use Clone Trooper

NATALIE - Unlock Padme

TRADEFED - Use Battle Droid in Geonosis Academy

NERFHERDER - Use Wookie in Jedi Academy


GIMME - Unlock Bonus Objectives

JEDICOUNCIL - Development Team Photos

Unit viewer option:

Collect a total of 25 bonus points.

Raxus Duel multi-player level:

Collect a total of 5 bonus points.

Thule Moon Control multi-player level:

Collect a total of 10 bonus points.

Rhen Var multi-player level:

Collect a total of 15 bonus points.

Jedi Academy multi-player level:

Collect a total of 20 bonus points.


Enter DARKSIDE as a password.

Making Of FMV sequence:

Collect a total of 30 bonus points.

CD player option:

Collect a total of 35 bonus points.

Sketchbook option:

Collect a total of 40 bonus points.

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