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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Soaked!



Rename one of your park guests the code to recieve the effect.

Sam Denney - All coasters irresistible to peeps

Make Me Sick - All guests get sick

Sam Denney - All guests ride every coaster before leaving

Atari - All peeps laugh

Frontier - All rides and coasters to never break down

Jon Roach - All rides irresistible to peeps

M Brookes - Enables walls and scenery items to be placed on path edges

James Hunt - Get the buggy to actually ride through the park

Mouse - Guests stand around looking down at the ground

John D Rockefeller - Increase money by $10,000

A Hitchcock - Lots of ducks appear

Jonny Watts - Peep cam; see through eyes of guest

Chris Sawyer - Peep jumps for joy

Shifty - Peeps dance

PhotoStory - Peeps take photos

John Wardley - Removes height restrictions for building coasters

David Braben - Unlimited launch and chain lift speeds

Guido Fawkes - Unlock advanced fireworks editor

D Lean - "Flying Camera" routes editor

Ghost Town - New guests not allowed to enter, current guests may leave if desired

Andrew Gillett - Increase park value; on first career mission will double the value rating of your park

Andrew Thomas - Decrease track friction; can help when importing some RCT 1 or 2 coasters

FIFA Soccer 10
Hen House
Pocket Tanks for Mac
Sims3 - Sightly Chic Dress


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