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FIFA 2000: Major League Soccer


Finding Youri Djorkaeff:

Youri Djorkaeff is No. 14 on the German side, Kaiserslautern.

Unlimited Bankroll:

Go to the Cheat menu in the Options area and type in MOMONEY, and will be able to buy as many expensive players as you want.

Fat players:

Pause the game and press X, Circle, Circle, Circle, Down, Up, Up, Left, R1.


Pele is No. 10 and plays for the Classic Brazilian team, Santos '62-'63.


Ronaldo is No. 9 and plays for Inter Milan and Brazilian national teams.

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Razor Freestyle Scooter
l still go up. Play as Daryl Successfully complete the game with all 20 wheels. Moves : Ami Backflip Press Down(2), Square. Around the World Press Left(2), Square. Tap Barspin Press Down, Triangle at the lip of a ramp. Chad Frontflip Press Up(2), Square. No-Footed Backflip Press Down(2), Square. Rock and Roll Press Up, Triangle at the lip of a ramp. Daryl Bluenose Press Up, Right, Circle. Backflip Press Down(2), Square. Backside Boneless Press Down, Triangle at the lip of a ramp.

FIFA 2003
S SMITH. Stade de France stadium: Win the Club Championship to unlock the Stade de France stadium. ----------------------Hints--------------------- Easy goals: When you start a match, change controls to the other team and hold Keeper Rush for the goalkeeper to rush out and get the ball. Pause game play while still holding Keeper Rush and change back to your side. The other goal keeper should keep rushing out and slide tacking you. Shoot from halfway and you should get a goal. Also for laughs, sometimes the goalkeeper grabs the ball meters from the box and nothing happens. When you get a corner kick, aim it to the teammate nearest to the goal post (For example, a right corner, the person on the right goal post), then press Maximum Pass to him. When the ball gets to him, aim the shot pressing Up or Down then press Shoot. You will get an easy goal from the corner every time. The shooter must have a shot and accuracy ability that is high; the person should play on the right midfield when you are playing 4-4-3 (For example, use Zidane - Real Madrid). In a corner, just pass the ball. A player will get the ball and kick it. Before he kicks it, move him near the goal. There is a good chance that he will score a goal. When you have a throw-in near your opponent's goal, throw the ball as near as you can to the goal. As soon as your player gets the ball, he will kick it. Before he kicks it, move him near the goal. There is a good chance that he will score a goal. Control the team that you are facing, and in the settings change the skill level to "World Class". Then, play as normal. Your team (the original one) will play much better. Easy victories: First, win a couple of matches in season or tournament mode. Save the game, then see what your next match is. Select "Simulate". If you lose that match, exit the mode and reload your game. With every win, save the game. This will ensure that you finish first.

Samurai Spirits I & II
slash: fireball d,db,b + slash: double fireball f,df,d,db,b + weak slash: hook Mizuki: d,df,f+slash: Black Ball d,bd,b +slash: Big Dog Attack

X-Men vs. Street Fighter
t, X, L1. If done correct the option screen will appear. From here you can change to original mode to enable tagging in Vs. Mode. Next, choose your characters and have your friend choose the same characters in reverse. For example, if you choose Ken then Ryu your opponent must choose Ryu and then Ken. Play as Chun-li from Street Fighter Alpha: At the character selection screen, highlight Chun-li then press and hold SELECT for 5 seconds. Press any button to play as Chun-Li with her outfit from Street Fighter Alpha American EX Options Menu: In order to access the EX Options in the American version of this game, quickly press: Triangle, Triangle, Right, Circle, L1 on the main menu. You can then choose between original and EX modes, plus you can set the game to always give you a full super bar. Easy Way to Beat Apocolpyse: The best person to beat Apocolpyse is to Storm and Magneto, Chun-Li and Cyclops. Whenever you begin to fight with Chun-Li and Cyclops super jump and lighting kick his hand then when your power gets up to three preform the team super move. Do the same thing with Storm but do the Double Typhoon until it gets to level three then the team super move Gambit's Monstrous Combo: To get a huge combo with Gambit, you must first have your super bar at level 3, and of course be playing as Gambit. Then, do Gambit's Royal Flush super. If it connects, cancel it after at least the 33rd hit while the super is still going on with a second Royal Flush. Then, when the combo counter reads at least 62, cancel the second Royal Flush while it is still going on with a third Royal Flush. You will have 99+ hits! (Although the combo counter stops at 99.) Note that this will work only if the opponent is standing on the ground. If he/she is slightly in the air, the cards Gambit throws will not hit the opponent as much times. Kick Him While He's Down: After winning a round, press START and you'll be able to kick or taunt your defeated opponent. Play as Akuma/Gouki: Highlight either Magneto, Juggernaut, Dhalsim or Vega and press UP. You will see the face of Akuma. Press any button to use it. Play as Apocalypse: Beat the game on the hardest difficulty. When they ask for your initials type APO. Go to vs. Highlight Akuma (hit up on the top row) and hold select and hit a button. You got him. Only one player can be him, so whoever does it first gets him Random Character Selection: To select a character randomly, highlight the right-most fighter at the character selection screen and hold d-pad Right while selecting them. (Alternately, highlight the left-most fighter and hold d-pad left.) EX Option Menu - Japanese version: Press Square, Square, Right, X, L1 at the main menu to activate the EX Options menu.