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Sentinel: Descendants in Time


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RPG Tsukuru 2000
with complex coding, tend to lag when the game is played. This makes gameplay very annoying. To prevent this, insert a Wait of 0.0 seconds before and after the Call Event or group of complex coding. This will remove lag almost entirely. Making gameplay much more enjoyable. Walk through everything (test mode) If you get stuck while in test mode, or you need to walk through any solid objects, simply hold the Ctrl key down and walk through it. Change Variables/Switches In Test Play While in Test Mode, by hitting the F9 Key, you will be able to access a debug menu that allows you to change switches from ON -> OFF or from OFF -> ON. It also allows you to change the value of any variable. This saves you the trouble of going in the game, and back out to change the commands.

Premier Manager 3
07420 gives one of your players the ultimate rating of 99, but only works about one out of five times.

Last Rites
level (but with the default weapon and health as if starting a new game in level 1). The syntax is: -------------- LR /LEV LEVELSMISSxx where xx is the level number. Apparently what this does is replace level 1 with the given level. This means that starting a new game will give the mission briefing for level 1 and show the "Loading Level 1" screen. Saving and loading saved games works just fine, but if the game is exited and restarted, the same command line must be used to restore a saved game. The level numbers and the MISSxx files don't exactly match up. Here's the table: Number Of Levels = 11 Level 1 = levelsmiss01 Level 2 = levelsmiss07 Level 3 = levelsmiss04 Level 4 = levelsmiss05 Level 5 = levelsmiss06 Level 6 = levelsmiss08 Level 7 = levelsmiss09 Level 8 = levelsmiss10 Level 9 = levelsmiss11 Level 10 = levelsmiss12 Level 11 = levelsmiss13

Return to Zork
even protect the items you used to do it! Be careful doing this near Rebecca, though, as your items don't always come back from her location.

Shotgun /spawn assaultrifle - Gives the Assaultrifle /spawn rocketlauncher - Gives the Rocketlauncher /spawn sniperrifle - Gives the Sniperrifle /spawn heligun - Gives the big gun from the chopper /spawn reactiveshields - Gives the ReactiveShield /spawn rockets - Gives Rockets /spawn coin - Gives a coin /spawn health - Gives a healthpack /spawn cookies - Gives a pack of cookies /spawn lensflare - Makes a light-effect Type in for two secret weapons:- Go to the console (Press ~) and type: "Give Thrallgun" bind it to an easily accessable key 'M' eg. Bind M "use thrallgun" (has two modes of fire) All are items that you can get via "/spawn " : ChainGun - chaingun (the one you get with the 5-key) BlueCard - blue Identcard OrangeCard - orange " YellowCard - yellow " GreenCard - green " IdentCard - ?? Code - ?? KeyRing - small key MoneyBag - bag from bank robbery Dollar - coin Evidence - papers with evidence Decoder - ?? PulsePart1 - first part of Pulse Cannon PulsePart2 - second " PulsePart3 - third " (as soon as all three parts are picked up, the weapon is ready) Chemsuit - protection suit Blueprints - blueprints from constructionsite U4 sample - sample from chemplant Envelope - Silencer - silencer for standard gun