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Aces Of The Great War


To keep your pilots alive forever, make a copy of the PILOTS.DAT file before going on a dangerous mission. If you get killed, you can copy the file back and your pilot is resurrected as though he had never flown the fatal mission.

Make sure you backup the PILOTS.DAT file every time you successfully complete a mission.

Left 4 Dead 2 Map - Left 4 Mario
Evil Cards
Fish Face


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] game: ren e:ega.ovr cheater.cht debug e:cheater.cht For infinate lives, type: e 2f39 90 90 For infinate bombs, type: e 24a2 90 90 90 90 w q For [TGA] game: ren e:tga.ovr cheater.cht debug e:cheater.cht For infinate lives, type: e 2e2b 90 90 for infinate bombs, type: e 2281 90 90 90 90 w q Then rename CHEATER.CHT back to its previous name.

Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction
menu, type "fabletmeplayasahouserobot". See Thru Armor From the PAUSE menu, type "weirdnakedrobots". Add Cash From the COMPETITION menu, type "givememoresponds".

nemy fighters start moving, pause and jump into hyperspace. The fighters will have reached you and exchanged shots. If you were quick enough they won't damage you but their squad size will be reduced. Repeat as needed.

Zeus: Poseidon Expansion
oot cows - Bowvine and Arrows Dairy workers wear cheese costume - Cheese Puff Sound effects - SoundFrags Change horses racing in the Hippodrome into other animals - Mammaldrome Atlas helps build project faster - Atlasthegreat Poseidon gives ten times the fish in granary - Seasick Strike ground with fireball - Hotlava Hidden song: Insert the game disc and enter the "/audio/music" folder. Play the ''ekplixi.mp3'' file to hear a joke song.