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Chaos Engine

30 Lives

Use these passwords to play the game with 30 lives.

2 = #P0BK4SNVHP2


4 = 51TD4M9JGMGT

Easy Money

To start with a lot of money, enter the password TTTTTTTTTTT.

Mega Gold & Party Cheat

For starting a single player game with a huge load of gold and different characters:

Type as your single player password:

option 1: TTTTTTTTTTTT (12xT)

option 2: VVVVVVVVVVVV (12xV)

option 3: XXXXXXXXXXXX (12xX)

option 4: YYYYYYYYYYYY (12xY)

Party Cheat:

To get all powerups without having to buy them.

In level 1-4 (i forgot exactly)

In the first level where you get the party power

kill all monsters in the area, and then run back to the cave you just passed by.

This is found by moving to the bottom right of

the location of the party cheat.

Once you entered the cave, the party power will still be active, and wont run out.

Player 1 will have all powerups, and player 2 will

have all powerups exept speed, Which should

be easy to buy since you got everything else now.

Note: This cheat might not work on all versions of Chaos Engine, as the bug might have been removed by Bitmap brothers in a later release.


Use these passwords to play the game normally.

Level Password



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