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Duke Nukem 3D


All Items:

To gain all the key cards and other items, pause the game, then

press A, C, D, C and press the lower right corner of the screen


All Weapons:

While playing, pause the game then press B, A, D, A, D, D for all

weapons and maximum ammo.

Key Card Tip:

When you pick up a key card, you have access to all locked doors.

But if you decide not to use the key card in the level you first

found it in, you may keep it and use it in a later level that you

can't seem to find a key card in. Don't forget! When you start a

new episode, you lose all key cards you may have previously


Quick Shot:

As you turn a corner, hold down the A button to get a quick shot or

two before your enemy does.

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Mortal Kombat Trilogy
=Friendship Babalities: To perform a babality (it's the same for everyone) when it asks you finish him press towards, back, back, punch. To have this work you must not press the block button in the second or third rounds. Brutalities: To perform any character's brutality, press Toward, Toward, Toward, Down, A. Fatalities: To do any fatality, simply tap TOWARD, TOWARD, TOWARD, DOWN+PUNCH. You can do this from anywhere because the warrior will walk to where it needs to do its fatality be itself. Fighting Moves: In the moves below, B=backwards, F=forwards, U=up, D=down, P=punch, HK=high kick, LK=low kick, and BL=block. RAIN: Lightining:B-F-F-HP Power Ball:D-F-P+BL Fire Ball: Press B, B, A, C RAYDEN: Flying Dive:B-B-F Electric Shock:D-F-P+BL KITANA: Fan Throw:F-F-P+BL Fly:D-B-P+BL REPTILE: Force ball:F-F-P+BL Charge:B-F-F-LK MILEENA: Teleport Kick:F-F-LK Sies:P+BL-P JADE: Shadow Kick:D-F-LK Throwing Stars:B-F-F-P Stick Throw:B-F-P NIGHTWOLF: Hatchet uppercut:D-B-BL Arrow:D-F-P+BL CYRAX: Teleport:B-B-HK+LK Ball Bombs:F-F-HK+LK SEKTOR: Teleport uppercut: Forward, Forward, Low Kick Missile: Toward, Down, Back, Punch MOTARO: Special: Forward, Forward, Punch + Block Tail Whip: Away, Away, Down, Low Kick SHAO KHAN: Hammer: Down, Forward, Block Shoulder Dash: Down, Forward, Punch ERMAC: Fireball: Down, Forward, Block ESP Slam: Back, Down, Back, High Kick Sparkle: Down, Back, Block NOOB SAIBOT Ghost Ball: Down, Forward, Block Teleport: Forward, Down, Forward, Punch Flame Ball: Down, Forward, Block Jump Punch: Down, Forward, Punch Finishing Moves: Enable the ? Menu then turn on QUICK FINISH. After defeating your opponent, enter one of the sequences below to finish him or her. Brutality-Forward,Forward,Forward,A Friendship-Forward,Forward,Forward,C Babality-Forward,Forward,Forward,D Fatality-Forward,Forward,Forward,B Play as Ermac: On the Player Selection screen, press B, C, B, B, D. The screen will shake if you did it correctly. Play as Noob Saibot: On the Player Selection screen, press D, D, C, D, B.

Wheel of Fortune 2
I, R, and S.

Lights Out
last row, last square. Level 4-Press the 3rd row 3rd square. Then 2nd row 3rd square. Then 1st row 3rd square.

Lost World
asier to handle than a car, and can be used by either player. Throw Bait: On any side-scrolling world, hold the D button and press B to throw bait and/or poison.

Otherwise the highest you can score is 208