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Real Bout Fatal Fury Special


Secret Character

At the Character Select screen, highlight Andy, Billy, Mary, and Tung, then press and hold START and continue to hold it down for the rest of the code. While holding START, press B, B, C, C then hold B. Wait for one second, press and hold C. Wait for one more second while still holding START+B+C, then press A or D to select the character.

Hidden Boss

When playing in one-player mode,you can fight the hidden boss (Geese Howard) in a special "Nightmare" match if you do the following:

You must not lose a single round.

You cannot score a ranking of "C" or less in any battle.

Your score must be 750,000 or more before the battle with Wolfgang Krauser.

Din's Curse Patch 1.006
Warcraft III:The Frozen Throne Patch 1.23a-1.24a
Portal 2D
Three Cards
Sims3 - IST_AFW_004


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Space Invaders Part 2
before it takes its place in the row, it will fall to the ground dead and act as another fort! It will absorb about 3-5 hits and can really save you on later levels.

Virtua Fighter 2
ly use it when you get a really cool win.

Last Blade
econds. If you did this correctly you will see 2 arrows at the sides of the screen and Musashi will be available.

California Speed
tion screen press the 1st view button to move up through a line of cars and press the 2nd view to go back. See Release Date To see the release date for California Speed,hold down all view buttons and the radio and start buttons. Bonus Cars Set your transmission number to 1, then press RADIO in the car selection screen to change one car from each row into a different vehicle. Change Vehicle Color At the car select screen, press the third VIEW button. Fruit Attack If you get ahead of someone tap your gas pedal and the START button simultaneously to throw fruit at the driver behind you. This is pointless but fun.