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Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M.


All levels & weapons password:


Blueberry Jam
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Blitzkrieg War in Europe for Palm OS
Sims3 - Marc Jacobs Striped Skirt
Mario Game: Super Mario Bros. DDX


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Mat Hoffmans Pro BMX
21 N280BNV2W 22 N280CNL2W 23 N2H0HNL2W 24 N200RNL2W 25 N2008NL2W 26 Final password Enter .N.3W.WL2W as a password to begin game play on the last level as Mat Hoffman. Enter .N.3W.WV2W as a password to start at the last level minus dirt jump. Other passwords Password Status GOBNSBNVBW 0 medals and 1 cover .H0BLSBNLBW 0 medals and 2 covers .N0LSBNBCW 1 medal and 12 covers .N0LSBNBWW 1 medal and 14 covers .N0VSBNV2W 2 medals and 16 covers .N.V.41N3.W 2 medals and 23 covers .N.B0.WB.9 5 medals and 32 covers

Lucky Luke
ntincan, Lucky Luke, Jolly Jumper, Rintincan Buffalo - Rintincan, Jolly Jumper, Lucky Luke, Thief, Thief Jail - Rintincan, Jolly Jumper, Lucky Luke, Thief, Rintincan Stagecoach - Rintincan, Thief, Jolly Jumper, Lucky Luke, Jolly Jumper Painful - Gulch Rintincan, Rintincan, Thief, Thief, Lucky Luke