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Disable dithering

Type “rough” during game.

Mount & Blade: Warband - Dedicated server
Warcraft Maps: DotA Allstars 6.68b
Sims3 - Eye Liner Sims 2 Inspired
Mario Game: New Super Mario 3


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Jazz Jackrabbit 2
8; during game. Shields Type "jjshield" during gameplay

Redneck Rampage
r “rdskill <1-4>” during game. Clipping Enter “rdclip” during game. Debug mode Enter “rddebug” during game. Invincibility Enter “rdelvis” during game. Monsters Enter “rdmonster” during game. Pick locks Enter “rdunlock” during game.

onding code below. Cheat Shortcut keys* Super mini-gun [F3] + [F6] + [Space] Super Uzi [F1] + [Space] * Hold keys while highlighting appropriate item.  

Shadow Warrior
To warp to any level, press 't' while playing, then type "swtrek##" (##=level number.) Reveal Secrets To reveal all secret locations, press 't' while playing, then type "swsecret". Walk Through Walls To walk through walls, press 't' while playing, then type "swghost".