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Heroes Chronicles: Warlords Of The Wasteland

Cheat mode

Press [Tab] during game play, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Code - Effect

nwcagents - Fill empty slots with ten Black Knights

nwclotsofguns - All war machines

nwcneo - Increase one level

nwctrinity - Fill empty slots with five Archangels

nwcfollowthewhiterabbit - Maximum Luck

nwcnebuchadnezzar - Unlimited movement

nwcmorpheus - Maximum Morale

nwcoracle - Full puzzle map

nwcwhatisthematrix - Full world map

nwcignoranceisbliss - Hide world map

nwctheconstruct - 100,000 gold and 100 of each resource

nwcbluepill - Lose game

nwcredpill - Win game

nwcthereisnospoon 999 - Mana and all spells

nwczion - All buildings

nwcphisherprice - Alternate color scheme

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Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
As Carnby, when you leave the lobby of the manor, a cutscene begins and you meet Edenshaw. At the end of the cutscene he gives you a charm of saving. If you save immediately after the cutscene ends, then reload, the cutscene will begin again. Repeat. You will gain 4 saves each time.  

Extreme assault
mies ALT8 = Heli mode ALT9 = Tank mode ALT0 = Lots 'a speed!   Type EMERTXE at the main menu to activate assault mode: ALT-U = Fly a UFO!