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Beatmania 4th Mix: Time to Get Down


3 secret songs

To play 3 secret songs:

1) insert coin

2) On the 2nd player keys press 1-4-3-5-2-4-1-5 (refer to key layout)

2 4

1 3 5

3) Press & hold the effector button, then press start

Super Jigsaw Americana
Everybody's Tennis
Jewel Quest II
Sims3 - Hugo Boss Crest Loafers
Bob the Hamster


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Virtua Fighter 2
ly use it when you get a really cool win.

Last Blade
econds. If you did this correctly you will see 2 arrows at the sides of the screen and Musashi will be available.

California Speed
tion screen press the 1st view button to move up through a line of cars and press the 2nd view to go back. See Release Date To see the release date for California Speed,hold down all view buttons and the radio and start buttons. Bonus Cars Set your transmission number to 1, then press RADIO in the car selection screen to change one car from each row into a different vehicle. Change Vehicle Color At the car select screen, press the third VIEW button. Fruit Attack If you get ahead of someone tap your gas pedal and the START button simultaneously to throw fruit at the driver behind you. This is pointless but fun.

San Francisco Rush: The Rock
lection screen, hold the MUSIC button, and press VIEW #1. Adjust Force Feedback At the car selection press MUSIC & VIEW 2 and this will increase or decrease the feedback each time you press them. Backwards Tracks While selecting a track to race on, press VIEW #1 to run the race in reverse.

Time Crisis 2
the fleeing boss, shoot his hat off (shoot slightly above his head) four times to enter an alley before fighting the tank. This alley is filled with numerous bonus men. Stage 2 Area 1: A) Moving platform near train station. If shooting at the bottom shoot at platform at the bottom at the extreme top left. If shooting up at the 2nd floor, shoot thw connector. Total bonus, +10000 B) Barrels at the train station. Two are availible for destruction, but only one can be destroyed for a total of +5000 bonus. However, it is possible to hit both for a +10000 total bonus. To do this, shoot the right barrel twice and the left barrel three times. Afterwards, instantly point and shoot the right barrel for the double bonus. Enemy Descriptions and Liabilities During your game, many enemies will attack you as you move up into the last past. They will also become more skilled and accurate as you move up. Here are the accuracy info and liabilities for each TC2 unit. Accuracy ranking (1st=best acc. last= worst): Bosses (Excluding jacob) Marksman soldier (Red suit) Soldier Sage RPG Soldier Grenadier Soldier Machine Gunner and Jacob Soldier Commander (White suit) Soldier knifeman Soldier frogman/aquasoldier Regular soldier (Blue suit) Bonus soldier (Orange suit) Abiotic enemies Satelite Tanks Turret/vulcan/missile launcher Helicopters Profiles: Marksman - These are probably the ones that may do most of the damage in the game. As soon as they appear they get a "dead-eye" shot toward you. Get to know their locations and shoot them as soon as you spot them. Or you may assure yourself and duck, then shoot them(and maybe have a few laughs) Soldiers (RPG, Mac. gunner, Greanadier) - Not as quick as the marksman, but effective if they stand out there shooting you as they increase their odds of hitting you. As sson as these are spotted, SHUT EM' DOWN. Especially the maching gunners, who are able to send a "dead-eye" shot in less than a second. Misc Soldiers (Knifeman, aqua, regular, commander etc.) - These are thw ones which hardly lay a finger on you. But, you must know that they still have a chance in busting a cap in your hole. Shoot them as soon as you find them. Kill the strongest unit out there before turning to fight the others. Abiotic enemies - Always concentrate all firepower on them if neccessary. Helicopters won't stand around attacking you in the first parts of the game. But they'll get to screw with you later in stage 3. As for tanks, shoot them down and take out any interfering soldiers. Same thing goes for turrets etc. Bonus men - Yawn.... wait a minute, 5000 a kill? These are the worst shooters in the game. But are good for an extra 5000 pts. or more. AND they can run and escape like mice. Try shooting them in the head and upper body to grab additional points. Get them as soon as you see them as these guys are rookies and are some major scaredy cats :)