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South of Heaven, West of Hell


Special Thanks

On the [Main Menu], continue pressing the arrow [Down] or to the [Righ past the [Audio] selection (or up or left above the Play Movie option) until the Lions Gate logo is highlighted for a very brief word of thanks.

EA SPORTS Cricket 2004 Box Art
Plant Tycoon for Mac
Crazy Machines 2
Pixie Swapper Christmas Edition
Quake IV Tweaker


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Dirty Dancing: Ultimate Edition
the-scenes footage from the rehearsal and shooting of the movie's final dance scene. Interview Featurette On the [Main Menu], select the [Interviews] menu entry this time and in the following menu, highlight Kenny Ortega's name. Press the [Lef arrow key on your remote now and the dancers will appear on the screen. Now press the [Enter] key and you'll get to see an on-location interview featurette with many of the principal cast members. The 60's Make a Comeback Select the [Music Videos] menu entry on the [Main Menu]. On the following screen highlight the entry [(Iíve Had) The Time Of My Life] and then press the [Lef arrow key. If you press [Enter] now you will get to view a featurette on the 60's coming back in style during the 80's

Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle
the DVD version of Dragonheart

rector, spanning the length of Fulci's career.

Cabin Fever
find in the Scene Selections. Simply go there from the Main Menu and don't do anything. Just wait until the menu has looped a few times. Eventually the party-obsessed cop will show up and treat you to a brief clip. Try various Scene Selection pages for different clips, and if you pay attention to them you will realize that these clips actually create a small story.