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Grow oranges near New York City for five seasons and ignore crop failures.


Type “corn” during game and press [Enter].

Display version number

Type “v” during game and press [Enter].

Donate $10,000 to the mayor

Type “fund” during game and press [Enter].

Fill water trough

Using the Hand icon, place an empty water trough under a bale of hay. Then set the Speed option to “Ultra”. After about 15 seconds the trough should be full of water.

Laughing llama

Type “llama” during game and press [Enter].

Natural fence

Instead of costly fences, use irrigation ditches to quarantine your livestock.

Test mode

Type “t” during game and press [Enter].

Three cows in perfect health

Type “poultry” during game and press [Enter].

Critter Match
FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa
My Freecell Solitaire


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Prince of Persia 2
the apple button and press g will let you type in any level you want to go to - hold down the apple button and press t to get another potion. (If this code turns your sound of press apple and t again) - hold down the apple button and press l to skip the level you are on. Skip the First Three Levels While starting up the game, hold down 1, 2 and 3. Then during level one or two, press 'apple L' to skip the level. Note: If you skip level 2, you still need to enter the copy protection password.

Dark Forces
locations Type “lacds” during game. (Reenter to record your footsteps.) Legend Symbol Object Blue square Ammunition Blue triangle Shield units Grey triangle Slain opponent Orange triangle Dynamic scenery Yellow circle Android Yellow dot Static scenery Yellow triangle Living opponent Display coordinates Type “ladata” during game. Faster game Type “laops” during game. Freeze opponents Type “laredlite” during game. Submitted by Jason Tate Full ammunition Type “labrady” during game. Immune from attacks Type “laimlame” during game. (Note: Your character can die by falling.) Insect mode Type “labug” during game. Invincibility and supercharged weapons with ammunition Type “laterminate” during game. Select level Type one of the following codes during game to begin playing at the corresponding level. Level Code 01: Secret Base LASECBASE 02: Talay: Tak Base LATALAY 03: Anoat City LASEWERS 04: Research Facility LATESTBASE 05: Gromas Mines LAGROMAS 06: Detention Center LADTENTION 07: Ramsees Head LARAMSHED 08: Robotic Facility LAROBOTICS 09: Nar Shaddaar LANARSHADA 10: Jabba’s Ship LAJABSHIP 11: Imperial City LAIMPCITY 12: Fuel Station LAFUELSTAT 13: The Executioner LAEXECUTOR 14: The Arc Hammer LAARC Skip mission Type “laskip” during game. Smaller enemies with faster music and voices Type “laoz” during game. Supercharge weapons Type “larandy” during game. Teleport to location on map Hold [~] at the map screen and select a destination using the arrow keys. Then type “lantfh”.