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Street Fighter 2


Both Players Same Character

To play a two player game as the same charecter you must first play a normal two player game. At any point in the game pause and type in 7 KIDS the next two player game you have you will be able to pick the same character.

Sims3 - Sunnyville
Lost Planet 2: PC Benchmark
Paul's Blackjack
Libre Card Game
Pixie Power Swapper


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ft, then right arrows quick. If you did the code correctly, your worm should push the other one off the side!

Zeewolf 2
ission 32 = steerdart

ion credits, all items researched - MIKES TEAM

Pro Tennis Tour
button and then ESC. A message will then appear awarding "Game, Set and Match" to your opponent. Regardless, you'll find that your world ranking will have advanced several positions. Keep performing this until you come across an opponent that you can beat legitimately.