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Super Mario Advance 4


Secret game

When you are loading the game up Mario will say choose a game . instead of pressing 'a' press down then 'a' it will take you onto a secret game . To do this game you must wait untill the spikey thing is over your head then jump to hit the wall above you. after the spikey thing is on its back run into it. do this to them all. Beware the blue one is the fastest and in order to get to the next level you must defeat it.

submitted by: Super mario expert

Save your suits

When you beat the whole game ,And you have alot of suits and you use them up and whant to get them back this what to do.when you are done playing do not save your game and turn of your game boy advance,and then turn it back on and all your suits will be back! Have fun.

submitted by: me79

Extra lifes

What you do is in the first world second stage after getting the leaf there is a flying gomba wait for some more gombas to come out start jumping on all of them without falling after 8000 thousand points you start getting free men.have fun

submitted by: Bob smith

free man

In world eight in bowsers castle after tthe revolving ball lasers on vthe top there is a hidden box jump and get a freeman

submitted by: bob smith


To be invincible in SMA4, all you must do is:

1.Pause during any level.

2.Hold L & R Down.

3.While holding L & R, press in order: UP,DOWN,RIGHT,A,A,B, and then LEFT.

4.Have fun and finally stop killing yourself trying to beat that very hard game !! :)

submitted by: Tim

All Items

To get all Items, you must:

1.Pause during any level.

2.Hold down L & R.

3.While holding down L & R, pres: A,A,B,B,UP,LEFT,A,B,A.

submitted by: Tim

World Select

Beat the game with or without the use of warp whistles to access any world you want.

Secret Area in World 8-2

In World 8-2, sink into the first quicksand pit to drop into a secret area.

Special Suit Trick

Go to a mushroom house and pick a chest. If it contains a suit, get a game over. Now select continue. The levels you have beaten will not be reset, only the mushroom houses and the slot machine games. After continuing, go back to the same mushroom house where you've received the suit. No matter what chest you pick, you will always find a copy of the same suit. Repeat this trick to get as many suits as you want.

Underwater Shortcut

There is an easy way to beat the ship level (after the tank level) in the final world. Just swim under below the ships. Keep presing A so you won't sink too deep and die.

Finding White Mushroom Houses

If you get enough coins in certain levels, you will find a White Mushroom House back on the map. Here are the minimum amount of coins you need to pick up at the following levels:

World 1, Level 4 -- 44 coins

World 2, Level 2 -- 30 coins

World 3, Level 8 -- 42 coins

World 4, Level 2 -- 22 coins

World 5, Level 5 -- 28 coins

World 6, Level 7 -- 78 coins

World 7, Level 2 -- 42 coins

The White Mushroom Houses in Worlds 1, 3, 5, and 7 give you P Wings, while the White Mushroom Houses in Worlds 2, 4, and 6 give you Anchors.

Level Select

To play any level you want over and over again, simply beat all 90 levels in the game. You'll even be able to access the fortresses, spade games, mushroom houses and hammer brother fights as many times as you want!

Warp Flutes

Warp Flute 1: In world one, level three, go near the end of the level until you see a white block. Step onto this white block and duck, and after a while you will fall behind it. Stay behind the backround while going all the way to the end of the level.

Warp Flute 2: In world one's fortress, go to the area where the ceiling is open (it is just before a door with a skeleton koopa). Make sure you have a raccoon leaf. Fly up above the screen and then move to the end at the right. There should be a hidden doorway.

Warp Flute 3: In world two, go to the top right corner of the map. Use a hammer to break a boulder up there, and then continue to the right to find a hammer brother. Beat him to get the flute.

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