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AirForce Delta Strike


Cheat mode

Press [Star to pause game play, then press Left Analog-stick Up x2, Left Analog-stick Down x2, Right Analog-stick Left, Right Analog-stick Right, Right Analog-stick Left, Right Analog-stick Right, L3, R3. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Damage will be repaired and you will have full missiles. Note: This code can only be enabled one time per mission.

Submitted by: Sachiel

Vic-Viper And MX5000

Complete the game , and save your game file, now start a new game with your saved game file and on the hanger screen press SQUARE. You will enter a second hanger containing the Vic Viper and MX5000.

Vic-Viper Self Destruct

While flying the Vic Viper, pause the game , and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, Circle.

Bonus planes

Successfully complete the game and save when prompted. Use that saved game to continue a new game . Successfully complete the Blue Wing Knights mission, then choose another mission. Press Square at the aircraft selection screen to choose from the Vic-Viper and other bonus planes. The Vic Viper has a longer range machine gun that can destroy an enemy plane with one hit. Other bonus planes such as the TwinBee, MX5000, Falsion, Blue Thunder M-450, Manbou-J, Flint-Rock, Aura-Wing, Jerry Mouse, Block Shooter, Super Fighter, Penta, Axelay, and Poly will also be unlocked, depending on how well you performed in your cleared saved game . You can clear the game on the same file repeatedly to unlock more planes.

Submitted by: Sachiel

Easy money

To earn double money, kill enemies using the machine gun (not missiles or bombs). You can use those weapons to damage enemies, but the last hit must be delivered by the machine gun. Some air enemies will give more than double the money. When you finish the mission you will see the scoreboard, showing the enemies you killed with the machine gun with double of the money than normally awarded.

Gradius reference

Play an Earth mission with the Vic Viper to hear music from level 4 of Gradius. Play a Space mission with the Vic Viper to hear music from Gradius 2.

Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game , then start another game with your file to begin with all airplanes (including bonus planes), medals, money, stats, FMV sequences, and replay levels that were previously unlocked. You can also view all the characters in a gallery.

Submitted by: Sachiel

Unlock Ellen McNichol

During yourgame campaign, shoot down Ken with Albert everytime Ken is on the map. Eventually, two cutscenes will play concerning Ellen, and she will be playable for the space missions.

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