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Pokemon Puzzle Challenge


No combo pauses:

Press Left, A, B, Up at the opening screen.

Faster game speed:

Press B, A, Left, Left at the opening screen.

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Lufia: The Legend Returns
ng new items in Ancient Cave Go to the Ancient Cave. Every five or ten floors, you will meet an old man who sells items that are just in your price range. Exit his menu, then go back. He will have new items for sale based on your new income. Gades Bracelet and Gades Blade Defeat Gades the first time to get a Gades Bracelet, which boost your attack by 100 and defense by 200. This is very helpful throughout the game because it can be used in the Ancient Cave. If you defeat him a second time, you will get a Gades Blade. Note: You must be at least at level 20. This is very hard to obtain but will help in the long run. Dragon Scale armor Defeat the older Ancient (A.) Dragon, to get a Dragon Scale armor. This is an excellent armor for Wain. It is the best you can get in the game for awhile. Delete saved game Hold Start while powering on the Game Boy Color. Answer "Yes" at the prompt to delete your saved game data. Easy level up Answer the question from the green blob at the end of the Ancient Cave with "Nothing", then defeat the first enemy you meet outside. Your level will now be four to five times higher. Secret items In most towns, the shopkeepers will sell you secret items if you go in through the back way.


Dragon Warrior 1 + 2
ord. Take her with you to the final battle and the Dracolord will ask for her. You have now have the choice of answering "Yes" or "No" to his request. Changes from NES version (Dragon Warrior 1) The legendary hero is named Loto instead of Erdrick. The game is much easier in the Game Boy Color version. Princess is named Lora instead of Gwaelin. The keys were called Magic keys in the NES version. The main villain is called Dracolord instead of Dragonlord (hence Dragon Warrior). Stairs required you to select a menu option to ascend/descend in the NES version. The battle messages have been shortened significantly. The world map has shrunken . 50 instead of 100 levels. Enemy names have been changed (for example, Drakee to Dracky, Metal Slime to Metaly). The enemies are now much easier to defeat. The town of Brecconary was changed to Tantagel. The Game Boy Color version reveals the King's name (Lars) in the Game Boy Color versionm but not the original. Powder Puff message added in Kol. In the NES version, if you choose to join Dragonlord you are put to sleep and you get a game over. In the Game Boy Color version, you awaken at Rimuldar. Also in the Game Boy Color version, he offers you half the world; in the original, he merely asks you to join him. Defeating Metaly: (Dragon Warrior 1 and 2) Go to a store and buy three torches. When you encounter a Metaly, throw the three torches at it (if it does not run away before you throw them). Easy money (Dragon Warrior 1) Find a place that sell repellent for 12 gold. They will pay you19 gold if you sell it to them, or anyone else that buys items from you. Buy as many repellents as you can, then sell them to someone. Buy, then sell, and repeat. Go to the place that sells keys for 16 gold, then exit and re-enter. Sell them at a weapons shop for 26 gold, which is a larger profit than the repellent trick. Renaming The Prince of Cannock and the Princess of Moonbrooke (Dragon Warrior 2) To rename these two party members to a name of your choosing, within 4 character limits, save your game and choose to rest. Resume the Dragon Warrior II game, and enter the "Continue/New Game/Option" menu. Choose "Continue" to where it shows your log files. Place the arrow next to the log file where you would like to change the names, and enter one of the following codes. Prince of Cannock Hold Left + Select + Start and press A. The rename prompt should appear for him. Princess of Moonbrooke Hold Right + Select + Start and press A. The rename prompt should appear for her. Getting the dam key Go to the town that is underground. You need the gold key to enter. Then, go to the jail, open the right cell, and go to the wall where there is a hole. Walk through the wall to get the dam key from the man. Note: You also need the jail key. Renaming Art and Nana (Dragon Warrior 2) Enter Enix as a case-sensitive name for yourself. Art and Nana's names will change to Karl and Fran. For example, instead of the King of Cannock saying "My son Art could help you on your quest!", he will say "My son Karl could help you on your quest!". Getting the gold key Go to the town of Zalan Port where there are no men living there. Talk to the dog in the top right and he will go and sit on it. Leave and return to get the key where the dog was located. Getting the jail key Go to the town under ground. Note: You need gold key to enter. Go to the item on the left and buy it. He will only sell two things. Pick the slot that is blank. It will be the third slot.