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Half-Life: They Hunger

Enabling the console window

At the main menu, select "Configurations"< then "Controls". Find the sentence "Use voice communication" then set "V" as the key to bind it to. When you display the console window, you can now type on it.

Alternate "Half-Life

Type "map c0a0" at the console window. You will start on Half-Life with the Half-Life: They Hunger weapons instead of the normal weapons. Some of the enemies are also different. For example, Gman is now the Sheriff. The Scientists are now civilians. Barney looks different, and the head crab zombies are now zombies from Half-Life: They Hunger. When you are playing in this state, the game autosaves when it touches a autosave trigger. The voices are the same. For example, the endgame level on Half-Life with Gman is the Sheriff, but Gman's voice plays on the Sheriff. Note: The Houndeyes on Half-Life are now zombie dogs, however they still use the Houndeye weapon that produces an electric field.

Map names

Use the following entries with the "map" console command.



























































Stuck in police station

Go upstairs towards the three doors. When the lights turn off, use your flashlight and quickly go down the stairs into where you shot the orange buttons. If done correctly, you will hear a hit noise on you then the screen will turn black for a few seconds. The screen will return and you can see again. When you try to go back upstairs, you still do not get caught; you will have to restart to continue.

Kill the pilot

Go to the point where you see the pilot. Go onto the helicopter before the last two Bosses. Enter the "god" code in the console window, and drop off where the helicopter is located and find the pilot. Just as he is going onto the helicopter, kill him. Stay near the helicopter. If done correctly the "Your rescuer has died" message will not appear, and you can continue. When you go onto the helicopter, wait until you stop and go out of it. Look at the cockpit of the helicopter; the pilot is there again.

Move without the zombie bull

Enter the "impulse 101" code in the console window at the point where you are taken by a zombie bull in a little carriage you cannot escape from. Kill the bull with a powerful weapon. After the bull is dead, you are still moving without a bull taking you.

Sims3 - Christy
Slot Machine
Mario Game: Mario Warp Zone


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Star Wars: Episode 1 - Racer
ill keep floating in the air hugging the ceiling. CheatCodes: ----------- For those of you lucky enough to be playing this hot new game based on the upcoming Star Wars Episode I movie, here are some cheat codes to help you out: Type these codes in while playing the game, or you may simply speak them into the microphone (using Microsoft's new DirectVoice implementation): SW_IWANNABEAJEDIKNIGHT - God Mode On/Off SW_PRINCESSLEIAISAHOTCOOKIE - Access to All Weapons SW_YODAWANTSTOBEAREALBOY - Makes All Racers Tiny (and Green) SW_EWOKSTURNMEON - Access to All Levels SW_THEFORCESUCKS_TRYSCIENTOLOGY - Instant Death SW_DONTSEEAUSTINPOWERS - Win Current Level SW_IWISHMYDADDYWASDARTHVADER - Bonus Level - "Dark Insemination" SW_ICANTBELIEVEIACTUALLYFELLFORTHISCRAP - Display's"April Fool's" on the Screen --------- GameTips --------- Tip: ---- As soon as you can, invest in a full complement of pit droids; this will ultimately save you the money you would spend replacing the worn-out parts that reduce your pod's performance. Tip: ---- Save your in-race repairs for twisting areas or hairpin turns where you have to slow down anyway. Tip: ---- For big money (and impossible odds), jump ahead to the Invitational races as soon as they're available.

Worms 4: Mayhem
his accumulates throughout the game) Unlock Animal lover Get 200 animal kills (this accumulates throughout the game) Unlock Magic bullet Kill three people with a shotgun in one turn Unlock Silver damage Get 50 000 damage throughout the game Unlock Gold damage Get 100 00 damage throughout the game Unlock Greedy worm Collect 500 crates throughout the game Unlock Hot foot Dodge 500 mines throughout the game Unlock Rocketeer Use 2000 jetpack fuel Unlock The beast within Kill three people with one animal Unlock Weapon specialist Get 8000 damage with a bazooka throughout the game Unlock Queen of sheeba Complete missions 16-20 Unlock Boggy the kid Complete missions 11-15 Unlock Royal knight Complete missions 6-10 Unlock Hard hat Complete missions 1-5 Unlock Caveworm Complete missions 21-25 Unlock Professor Complete story mode Unlock Cyborg Get all fifteen trophies Unlock Alien Complete story mode with time bonuses Unlock Dino Complete all non-deathmatch challenges faster than team 17 Unlock Wormenstein Complete all deathmatch challenges faster than team 17 Unlock Story mode maps You will unlock one map per level Unlock Challenges maps Defeat the team 17 times, again you will get one map per level Unlock Holy hand grenade Buy the "holy grail" weapon scheme Unlock Bubble Trouble Buy the "darksider" weapon scheme Unlock Inflatable scouser Buy the "it's a mystery" weapon scheme Unlock Icarus potion Buy the "mega powers" weapon scheme

RuneScape 2
Go into the members dungeon to the lessar demons and go through the gate (if you dont have a dusty key go kill the jailer and talk to valrok the explorer). Go to where there is a triangle made of 2 big eggs and a coloumn and stand there. ask if any1 is leaving the hides and if they are take them from the floor when you see them. get a pack full. go to world 9 falador west bank where bretttt is normally buying the hides and he will buy 1 for 1.5k. change the hides into notes and sell them. Note: This is for members only submitted by: paranoia1234 Ultimate Riches Ok this is a brilliant way to make money and any1 can do it as long as you are a member of runescape2. ok first of all go to the cow field beside alkharid. kill as many cows as you can and collect the hides. turn them into a note and sell them to chris200034 for up to 50gp each!!!!. e.g 500 cow hides =25,000 gp!!! submitted by: James Spence Change text color: To talk in a different colored text, type one of the following colors or effects (including the colon) followed by your text. For example, red: black: (black) blue: (blue) cyan: (cyan green: (green) magenta: (magenta) orange: (orange) white: (white) yellow: (yellow) flash1: flash2: flash3: glow1: glow2: glow3: wave: scroll: To do a combination, such as glow1: with wave:, type glow1:wave: followed by your text. Easy money: If you are a member, get to 5 Herblore. Create as many Antipoison potions as possible. Then, sell them to the general store. You will get 114 gp for each potion. Do the quest that allows you to mine Essences. Mine as many as desired and sell them for 45 gp each. Get your Fishing up to 40 then fish Lobsters. Get high combat (over level 50 recommended) and good armor (Adamite+ recommended), then go in the volcano on Karamja Island and kill Lessers. They drop lots of money, and sometimes Rune Med Helement. Sell the Rune Meds for 10,000 gp each. Quick mining and smithing levels: Mine nothing except tin. Once your inventory is filled, drop it all or sell it in the Dwarven mines. Once your mining level reaches 20, you can mine iron. Find the iron rocks just outside the area with the scorpions in the Dwarven mines. You can mine the rocks without much bother from the other players in the game. Mine nothing but these until you reach level 60 mining. Alternately, once you reach level 30 you can mine coal, but it is difficult, as everyone wants to mine it. At level 60, you can enter the mining guild. The guild is located at the far end of the mines, by the scorpions. Inside the guild you can mine coal very easily and smelt it quickly at the Falador Smith, just outside the mines. This will allow you smelt much faster. By this time you should be getting about 350 smithing experience for every load of coal and the other materials, and 30 mining experience for every coal rock mined. Free items: When you do the tutorial at the beginning, keep talking to the people that give you things. For example, with the baker that gives you water and flour, bake the bread then talk to him again. He should give you more supplies. Best Rune weapon: If you just get to level 40 Attack and are looking for a Rune weapon, the Rune Scimitar is recommended over the R2H. The scimitar attacks faster, therefore dealing more damage and killing opponents faster. Steel Plate: There is a Steel Plate in the lava maze (level 40 wilderness). It is in the fenced in area with the lesser demons in it. Training Hint: In runescape 2 go to the Varrock Palace and go north to the very back of the Palace where you will find a ladder. Go up the ladder into the Guards room above. Look around and you will see that there is a (usually) empty room filled with guards that give nice amounts of EXP for training. NOTE: It is best if you go to the least popular Game World as there is less people who might go to that spot.