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Increase overall rating

To increase your overall rating, decrease your prices. Cheaper products draw more consumers.

Increase stock earnings per share

To increase corporate stock earnings per share, buy-back your company’s stock.

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits
The Dark Cave: Adventure of Princess Marian IV
Typing of the Dead
Mario Game: Team N


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Dark Forces
locations Type “lacds” during game. (Reenter to record your footsteps.) Legend Symbol Object Blue square Ammunition Blue triangle Shield units Grey triangle Slain opponent Orange triangle Dynamic scenery Yellow circle Android Yellow dot Static scenery Yellow triangle Living opponent Display coordinates Type “ladata” during game. Faster game Type “laops” during game. Freeze opponents Type “laredlite” during game. Submitted by Jason Tate Full ammunition Type “labrady” during game. Immune from attacks Type “laimlame” during game. (Note: Your character can die by falling.) Insect mode Type “labug” during game. Invincibility and supercharged weapons with ammunition Type “laterminate” during game. Select level Type one of the following codes during game to begin playing at the corresponding level. Level Code 01: Secret Base LASECBASE 02: Talay: Tak Base LATALAY 03: Anoat City LASEWERS 04: Research Facility LATESTBASE 05: Gromas Mines LAGROMAS 06: Detention Center LADTENTION 07: Ramsees Head LARAMSHED 08: Robotic Facility LAROBOTICS 09: Nar Shaddaar LANARSHADA 10: Jabba’s Ship LAJABSHIP 11: Imperial City LAIMPCITY 12: Fuel Station LAFUELSTAT 13: The Executioner LAEXECUTOR 14: The Arc Hammer LAARC Skip mission Type “laskip” during game. Smaller enemies with faster music and voices Type “laoz” during game. Supercharge weapons Type “larandy” during game. Teleport to location on map Hold [~] at the map screen and select a destination using the arrow keys. Then type “lantfh”.

ying it before it plummets to the ground. A prompt offering nuclear missiles will appear. To fire a nuclear missile, hold [Option] while firing a missile. Super shield Select the machine gun and shoot the parachutist twice. Then shoot him once more before he reaches the ground. UFO Enable “Nuclear missiles” code. With nuclear missiles, enable the “Nuclear missiles” code again. A UFO will appear while the second set of nuclear missiles is being fired. Unlimited ammunition Hold [Option] and select “New Game”. Release when the weapon level inside the toolbox reaches 999,999.

hadowcaster<0-2> Display coordinates where Display frame rate ticker Display kill counter kills God mode satan Map mapsco No weapons conan Pig mode deliverance Proposal arnold Restart level init Restore health clubmed Run script * puke<01-99> Select level * visit<01-31> Select music track * [~]<01-31> Slay all monsters on level butcher Sound test noise Type three times and die! martek Walk through walls casper * Enter a value within the given parameters. ** 0=Fighter, 1=Cleric, 2=Mage Cheat codes (demo) Type one of the following codes during game to activate its corresponding cheat. (Note: Cheat codes do not work in multi-player mode.) Cheat Code 25 of each item braffel All keys mraymondjudy All puzzle items tmoore All weapons and full armor crhinehart Change character class ** plipo<0-2> Display coordinates jsumwalt Display frame rate rrettenmund Display version information pmacarthur God mode bgokey Map reveal No weapons rambo Pig mode ebiessman Quake 1 mode benton Quake 2 mode beholt Restart level init Restore health sgurno Run script * mwagabaza<01-99> Select level * bpelletier<0-4> Slay all monsters on level cstika Slippery floors presage Sound test kschilder Sticky floors mdrcrew Type three times and die! quicken Walk through walls rjohnson * Enter a value within the given parameters. ** 0=Fighter, 1=Cleric, 2=Mage Select level Type “visit” and enter a level number (1-31). Enter 41 to play the secret level. Select music track Push [~] during game and enter a track number using a two digit format (i.e., track 1 would be 01, track 2 is 02 and so on.)