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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow


Unlock Boss Rush

Beat the game with best ending (All bosses)

Submitted by: Johan

Unlock Julius Mode

Finish the game with the bad ending

Submitted by: Johan

Unlock New game +

Beat the game with best ending (All bosses)

Unlock Sound Test Mode

Complete the game with the best ending and the Sound Test Mode will appear on the Main Menu.

Rare ring at start

Have Aria of Sorrow in the GBA slot when creating a New game . You will start with the rare ring item in your inventory.

Hell Flame Soul

Complete Hard Mode with Soma and you will get the Hell Flame Soul.(

Play as Alucard In Boss Rush

After beating the game with Soma getting 100% completion, (thus unlocking boss rush mode) AND beating the Julius mode, put in the Konami Code at the Konami logo. Wait at the title screen until the logo shows up again, and put in Up, Down, and then hold up until you hear a door opening sound. Then enter Boss Rush mode. You will be Alucard with his Alucard Set.

Submitted by: Johan

Boss Rush Unlockable Items

Potion - Finish Boss Rush Mode with any time

Nunchakus - Finish Boss Rush Mode under 8 minutes

Terror Bear - Finish Boss Rush Mode under 7 minutes

Death's Robe - Finish Boss Rush Mode under 6 minutes

RPG - Finish Boss Rush Mode under 5 minutes

All endings

Worst Ending: During the second battle with Dario Bossi, simply beat Dario.

Bad Ending: During the second battle with Dario Bossi, use the Paranoia soul to enter the mirror. After you beat the New boss, Aguni, go back to the other side of the mirror and get the magic seal. Go to the center of the castle and enter the boss door without Mina's tailsman equipped.

Best Ending: Use the Paranoia soul to fight Aguni, pick up the magic seal, and go back to the center of the castle. When you enter the boss door have Mina's tailsman equipped. You will now get a more extended version of the game and all you have to do is beat it.

Hard Mode

Beat the game with the good ending (beat Menace), after that, you can choose to start a New game + on that file in wither Normal or Hard difficulties.

Getting the Shaman Ring

To obtain this, go to the left of the Condemned Tower, then down after the Harpy pathway. In this area, there will be a lot of Medusa Heads. If you fall on the right side, you'll find a slot machine with the number "573" on it. The slot machine will spin to the last three digits of your gold count (if you have 1,945 gold, it'll spin to 945, etc.) If your last three gold digits are "573", then the slot machine will slowly move out of your way.If you don't have your last digits at "573", go to The Lost Village. All the lampposts you can break, especially the one in Hammer's Shop, are great for collecting money. Blue coins give $1, Bronze give $10, Silver give $50, and Gold give $100. Make sure you know the coin amounts, since the procedure is pretty important. After you get "573" as the last digits, go back to the slot machine. It'll erode away, and inside will be the Shaman Ring. It increases EXP gain which is pretty useful when you want to level faster.

Chaos Ring

Collect all souls to unlock the chaos ring. It will appear in one of the blue rooms of the abyss. It gives the user extreme MP regeneration (practically infinite) and a stat boost.

Gold Ring

In the left part of subterranian hell, there is a slot machine door, make sure your last 3 digits of your gold are 666, the door will slide back, and you can get the gold ring, making monsters/candle drop more money!

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DS Hardware
At any point playing the respective games (DS or GBA) hit the button combination below to return to the Title Screen. Code - Effect: A+B+Start+Select - Soft Reset for Game Boy Advance games L+R+Start+Select - Soft Reset for Nintendo DS games Tricks when Auto Mode is enabled With Automatic Play mode enabled, you can hold START while turning on the system to go back to the main menu. If you have both a Gameboy Advance game pak and a Nintendo DS Cartridge in your system, holding B while turning on the system will skip the Health and Safety warnings and go straight to booting up the Gameboy Advance game in your system.

Yoshi Touch and Go
y Mario level. Blue Yoshi: Score between 60 and 80 points in a Baby Mario level. Pink Yoshi: Score between 80 and 99 points in a Baby Mario level. [Dark Blue Yoshi: Score between 100 and 119 points in a Baby Mario level. Yellow Yoshi: Score between 120 and 139 points in a Baby Mario level. Red Yoshi: Score between 140 and 159 points in a Baby Mario level. Black Yoshi: Score over 160 points in a Baby Mario level. Bronze Yoshi: Get over 10,000 meters in Endless mode. Alternate high score icon: Get a high score using only one attempt from the Baby Mario level to the Yoshi level to get an open mouthed Yoshi icon. Unlock Mini Game Balloon Popping Mini Game: If you get the top high score in each single player mode, you can click on the small balloons behind the main menu options.

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