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Sonic The Hedgehog Advance


Moon Zone:

Collect all seven Emeralds for all character s. Successfully complete the game as Sonic to unlock the Moon Zone.

Tails as partner:

Highlight Sonic at the character selection screen and press Up. Next, highlight Tails and press Down. Then, highlight Knuckles and press L. Finally, highlight Amy and press R. Highlight Sonic and press A to select him. Tails will follow you during the game , but cannot be controlled.

Alternately, Sonic should already be highlighted at the character selection screen. Press Up, Right, Down, Right, L, Right, R, Right, A. If done correctly, Sonic will be highlighted again. Select him, and a ring sound will confirm correct code entry. Tails will follow you through the game but cannot be controlled. Repeatedly press A to make Tails fly. Note: Tails cannot pick you up while he is flying.

Hidden sound test mode songs:

To get more than the 39 default songs in sound test mode, successfully complete The Moon Zone, Extra mode, or unlock the Super Sonic Ending. Three additional songs will be available.

Easy rings:

Play the first level. Press Start + Select + A + B to reset the game . Go to the Chao Garden and you will have the rings that were collected, but reset at the start of the next act of the level.

Play the special stage and immediately before you hit some rings, do any trick (tap B). You will get every ring in the row.

Go to time trial mode and play any level you are proficient at. Get lots of rings, then go to the Garden. The game will add the rings to your total.

Easy points and lives:

Select the first level as Sonic and go through the last checkpoint in the middle. Then, wait for the timer to reach 9:59:99. You will eventually die and the timer will go back to 0:00:00. Keep going to the right and reach the goal. Your timer should be at 0:05:33 and you will receive a time bonus of 80,000 points and an extra life. This is the easiest way of getting lives. If you want to get two lives at the end of a level, do the Special stage and collect 120 rings or more.

Casino special stage: Unlimited tries

Get the checkpoint thing immediately before the spring. Then, try the special stage. If you fail, there is an extra life to the right, directly above the swinging boat thing. You can get unlimited tries because every time you die the extra life returns.

Casino Act 1: Easy points:

Choose Tails as a character. At the beginning of the stage, do a ball charge (Down + A). When you reach the end of the platform, you should get a higher jump. Then, jump off the small falling platform onto the highest point of the stage. Find the swirling thing and go through it. When you reach the ground, go to the right. There will be a flipper and five balls with stars. Jump on top of the flipper and when a ball is above you, jump. You should get a lot of points.

Ice Mountain Act 2: Get Emerald:

Chose Tails and when you fail to get the Emerald, go down. A check point is located there. Follow the string until you see a platform. There is an extra life and some spikes here. Get the life and die. Once you resume at the check point, fly up to get to the spring. Do this again if you fail.

Moon Zone: Rings:

Eggman will shoot opening and closing ball missiles at you. If you Speed Dash into one of them, it should explode and drop several rings for you to pick up.

Secret Base Act 1: Hidden area:

Choose Tails. Go to where the first hand swing is located. When it takes you down, go back to where it was found, then jump down and start flying. As soon as you start flying, do not press A. Tails will slowly go down and you should see another part of the level.

X-Zone Act 1: Defeating Eggman:

Once you make it to the final Eggman on the X-Zone Act 1, simply stay far away from him. If you see Robotnik using his robotic machine hand, wait until he tries to grab you. Dodge his hand and go over to him to attack. Continue to do this until you destroy his machine. Note this trick is extremely hard to do with Amy since you have to use her hammer.

Defeating Eggman:

After collecting the Chaos Emeralds, complete the game with all the characters. Complete Final Zone with Sonic again and you will turn into Super Sonic and go to a new stage. Tap buttons to escape his traps. Use your Head Bash on him eight times to defeat him. Be careful, as you will lose rings as you fight.

Amy: Grind:

Select Amy and go to any level. When you see a rail, press R on it to slide with her.

Amy: Jump higher:

G to any bouncer that sends you straight into the air (not diagonally). Hit it with her hammer to be shot almost twice as high in the air than just bouncing on it.

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